Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Two Cents.

So far, I've stayed out of the Tiger Woods debacle. But, given that this weekend marks his return to the PGA Tour at one of the biggest golf events of the year, I'll throw in my two cents. But let me say up front that I've been an avid Tiger Woods fan since his first green jacket at Augusta in 1997.

We've all heard the stories of the many, MANY women that Tiger has allegedly had an affair with (I use the word "allegedly" because it's in my nature as an attorney, not that I dispute the affairs).  Let's face it-- many (most? all?) of these women are skanky and trashy and not a one of them didn't know that he was married.  Tiger was 100% wrong, as were each of these women.  I don't care what a married man says or who he is, he's off limits.  

I feel bad for Elin, but I'm curious how much of Tiger's alleged philandering she knew of before November 2009 (when we all discovered what apparently a ton of other people knew).  Did she not know that Tiger had cheated?  Or did she know that he had some women on the side, just not to the extent?  Or did she know the whole story and finally just got tired of it?  Certainly the fact that the affair is public (as well as some unnecessary intimate details), causes more stress on her and their relationship than there otherwise would be.

But, despite Tiger's despicable behavior, I'm a firm believer in second chances.  Therefore, I hope that Tiger and Elin can work through their issues and stay together.

And, I hope he's successful this weekend at Augusta.  Nothing can silence his critics and those who are anxious to see him fail than a win (or an otherwise great weekend) at the Masters.

If nothing else, can we just please stop talking about the "poor behavior" and let him and Elin deal with the situation without media meddling and prying?  It's time to get back to the golf and let them sort out the rest on their own.