Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finally Finding Some Focus.

This week was pretty amazing. Two trials, two victories! For the first almost-two years of practicing law, I've been pretty all over the place with not much focus, which has created a lot of stress. I think it's because I wanted to try everything.

When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer because I wanted to be in the courtroom arguing in front of a judge. When I got to law school, I found that transactional work is far less stressful (for the most part), and I avoid stress at all costs. Estate administration is pretty fun, and I enjoy it. Complex estate planning is like a puzzle and is challenging. Somehow I fell into doing disability claims too, and, after winning my first two cases, I've just kept doing it even though it's not my favorite. Real estate is boring but can bring in a steady flow of income.  Add some other things here and there and you've got a lawyer stretched very thin.  But, the criminal work is really where my heart is.

When I walk into a courtroom, it's like I'm coming home. I love standing at the defense table arguing with the DA to the judge. I love cross examining witnesses that I know are lying. I like my clients (most of them), even though they're petty criminals. I have a good rapport with the DAs and the law enforcement. And, there is literally no feeling in the world like hearing the judge say "Not Guilty."

All this to say that I've decided to scale back my practice areas. I'm focusing more on the criminal side and starting to not take cases that don't really interest me. I still plan on doing some estate work because it's fun for me. But, the credit card collections, debt defense, real property disputes, blah blah blah, are all gone.

Who knows, I'll probably change my mind in the future.  But, I'm thankful for a job that has allowed me the freedom to explore pretty much anything I wanted to consider and now is going to let me settle in my currently desired niche.

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