Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headlines of the Day.

1.  Donkey Detonated on Gaza Border-- Okay, so the story isn't very funny, but the headline made me laugh out loud.  And no, this is not the detonated donkey.

(Courtesy: AP)

2.  Mobile Phone Number Suspended After Three Users in 10 Years Die-- Oh, and these three were the only users of this number for the last ten years.  All dead.  Freaky...  The first guy died of cancer before age 50.  The other two were gunned down.  But, that's not so freaky after learning that one was a mafia boss/drug smuggler and the other a drug trafficker.  So, maybe the first guy was an anomaly, and the real lesson is not to sell drugs.  Hmm?

(Courtesy: UK Telegraph)

Ignore the guy who looks like a bug.  The dude lying on the street is drug kingpin #1, dead guy #2.

3.  Woman Arrested for Assaulting Police Officer-- I know what you're thinking-- "This is not an exciting headline!  This happens every day."  But just you wait-- it gets good.  First, you have to check out the mug shot of this woman on the news story.  Then, you'll discover that she was pulled over for going through a stop sign on her ATV.  Yes, I said her ATV.  The police followed her to her home where she THREW A GUN at them.  Clearly, she had no bullets-- just the gun.  Eh-- what the heck; I'll just throw it at 'em.  That's good enough.  When that didn't get rid of them, she told the officers to just shoot her (they have bullets, obviously).  When the officers tried to pull her off of her ATV, she kicked them with her SPURS!  They finally get her into custody and what do they find?  Of course-- a MACHETE attached to the ATV.  This encounter was probably the highlight of her week.

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