Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Commitment.

As I've mentioned, I'm going on a cruise later this summer.  So, thanks to my cruise, I have made (another) commitment to workout regularly.  I HATE working out.  There are so many things I'd rather do.  Like sit on the couch and watch TV.  But alas, some sacrifice must be made to get swimsuit ready for the Bahamas.  

So, I'm committed to working out at least four times a week until I leave.  And, this time, I have the help of a lovely blog community to keep myself accountable.  

So far this week, I've been good.  I've done three days of Winsor Pilates, one of my favorite video workouts, to tone my "powerhouse".  And, I'm going to play tennis with my friend Emily tomorrow to get some good cardio.  And, believe you me-- it's a workout playing with her because there's no telling where she's going to hit that ball.  (Love you, Em!)  

Any suggestions for other good workouts?  Keep in mind that I get bored really easily (which has been my problem with running).  

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