Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bachelorette Tuesday.

You all know what Tuesday means-- Bachelorette trash talk recap!  Tonight, there were volcano eruptions, tears, puzzled glances, and bad poetry.  Bachelorette producers, you have outdone yourselves again!  Before we go any further, I have to seriously question the choice of a "romantic getaway to ICELAND."  Seriously??  Did they run out of island paradises?  Anywayyyyyy....

Poetry Competition
The "coveted one-on-one" date was decided this week by a love poem competition.  (Icelandic words = extra credit because who doesn't love the lilting rhythm and beautiful sounds of the Icelandic language?)  Most dudes weren’t a total disaster except the guy who FINALLY got some airtime, but whose name I still don’t know. 

Was I the only one who thought Kasey might break into song when reciting his poem?  Again, he was so delusional.  She loved it.  I’m 100% confident I’m getting the rose.  She saw my heart.  Blah blah blah… 

Kirk and Frank were definitely the winners of the evening.  Did the other guys not learn the Lion King lesson about singing/reciting poetry TO Ali instead of AT Ali?  Much to Frank's dismay, Ali picked Kirk because his poem was marginally better and he had not yet had a one-on-one.

Date 1-- One on One
So, Kirk and Ali head out to “explore Reykjavik.”  In a sweater shop.  And feed some ducks.  (Geese?  Swans?  Whatev.)  In all seriousness, I really like Kirk—he’s super funny and goofy, which would be important to me.  However, I'm not entirely sold on their chemistry.

Back at the hotel, Frank says what is pretty obvious-- "I think this experience is pushing Kasey over the edge."  No kidding.  Crazy Kasey goes on this word roller coaster about being here for Ali, etc.: "That's why I got this tattoo-- to be someone and to be a man.  To be a man for Ali, to be a man for that woman...  I'm not trying to just stick around; I'm trying to be the man of her dreams... I want her to fall in love with me.  I'm Kasey Dale-- I'm a dreamer.  I'm a believer.  I love to love.  I love to give.  I love to share.  I got a tattoo-- I can take the physical pain.  The physical pain is nothing to me-- I like feeling pain."  Frank does his best to buck up our resident psycho stalker to try and get rid of "the wrestler."  Raise your hand if you think Crazy Kasey comes home instead of the wrestler?  I didn't think so.

Date 2-- Group Date
Next on this icy stop, Ali takes the guys on an "adventure filled day here in Iceland."  They go horseback riding, where Ty shows his cowboy side.  And, I've got to give him credit-- it's kind of hot, even though I don't like horses.  The group trots up to a hole in the ground where Ali tells them they're all going to plummet to their death go cave exploring!  Who wouldn't be thrilled about this romantic date!  Well, Frank isn't too thrilled since there are other dudes with him and Ali.  He's actually turned into the perfect guy for Ali because he's become so whiny.


After cave spelunking, they all decide to get virtually naked in a glorified hot tub.  Where Frank again has the crazy eyes.  But, Ali quickly sets him straight and he decides he needs to fight for her instead of sit around sulking.

Back at the hotel, Kasey is whining to Kirk about the upcoming disaster date.  The wrestler overhears and proceeds to engage in trash talking to get Kasey right where he wants him.  I hope Ali sends them both packing.

Back to the hot tub, Cowboy Ty gets the rose.  Much to Frank's dismay.  Again.


Date 3--Two on One
Could the two-on-one date be any more hyped?  The faces of Kasey and Rated R when they learned they would be on this date were priceless.  But, it was fairly tame.  The producers have gone crazy with the locations though-- this date took place on top of a volcano.  No no no no no no no no.  Do they not see the eruption less than 100 yards away?  I'd be safely in my helicopter.  Heck, I'd be in some tropical island, but whatever. 

Predictably, Justin is cheesy and Kasey is psycho.  In a bit of foreshadowing, Ali says "All [Kasey] has to do is be normal."  So what does he do?  He breaks out a tattoo that he got for her after only knowing her for four weeks!  Ali is a bit stunned, but I'll give her credit that she was pretty diplomatic about the whole thing.  I probably would've laughed in his face.  She sends Crazy Kasey home in uneventful fashion.  No victory celebration for the wrestler though.  Justin's line of the night-- "There were two roses given out tonight.  One to Justin and one to Rated R."  Seriously?  What an idiot.

Rose Ceremony
At the rose ceremony, the guys try to give it their last shot.  Craig is pretty nervous about the evening, but he definitely wins the prize for funniest moment of the night with his mock-tattoo.  Everybody says they're "100% sure" they're getting a rose.  Even the guy whose name I still don't know (and probably never will), despite the crickets during his "chat" with Ali.  
Chris N.
All in all, the ceremony is predictable.  Unknown guy is gone and gives the most emotionless goodbye in Bachelor/ette history.

Next week, the gang goes to Istanbul.  A step up from Iceland, I'll give them, but still not on my list of romantic getaways.  The previews show Frank finally getting (another) one-on-one date.  Thank goodness he can stop whining now.  Although, he apparently blows it.

Oh, and finally we see who is behind Girlfriend-Gate Part Deux.  (Don't spoil it, you cheaters!)

Tool Tuesdays

Tool of the week is (surprisingly) not Kasey.  It's the Wrestler because he was so annoying and a manipulative jerk.  I have a feeling he'll be next week's Tool too...


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