Monday, June 28, 2010

Braving the High Seas and Other Weekend Craziness.

Oh wow-- what a weekend.  Friday night, I went swimming with Emily, Debbie & Rebekah.  We grilled turkey burgers and had some of the hottest guacamole I've ever eaten.  (Great job, Reba!)

Saturday was when the excitement began.  Em, Reba, and I were supposed to leave around 10:30 to go tubing down the Dan River.

We didn't get to leave until about 11:30 then had to make a few stops on the way.  So, by the time we got to Danbury, it was 12:30ish.  I should point out to those of you who are not familiar that Danbury, NC is a TINY town almost in Virginia.  There is very little civilization.  So, we parked in the field and hopped on a bus to drive us up the river so we could float back down to our car.

The bus dropped us off at the "Four-Hour" stop per Emily's suggestion, instead of the "Two-Hour" stop.  We hop on our inner tubes along with the cooler tube tethered to mine. Everything is going alone fine until the water starts to get shallow.  Then even more shallow until we get to the point where the rocks on the riverbed were higher than the water.  So, on a couple occasions, we had to get out of the tubes, pick them up (or drag them, like me), and walk down the river without falling down on the slippery rocks.  Harder than it sounds, as I found out.

Despite these moments, it was incredibly peaceful.  It was also VERY LONG.  The "Four-Hour" stop gave us a 6+ hour journey down the river.  We got in right before 1 and finally got out a little after 7pm.  Oddly enough, our adventure had only begun.

Reba has a Toyota Camry.  It is apparently the most retarded car in the universe.  She had locked the car with the remote button.  But, the remote had gotten water-logged in the cooler as the ice melted and no longer worked.  So, she had to use the actual key to unlock the doors.  Only problem is that Toyota thinks that if you use the key to unlock the car after locking it with the remote control that you are trying to steal it.  So, the car alarm starts going off and the car won't start.

Somebody at the campsite has the brilliant idea to disconnect the horn so that it's not crazy loud, but the alarm is still going off.  Thank goodness that she is an AAA member.  She called them up, and an hour later a guy was there to try and fix it.  He tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect it in hopes that it would reset the electrical system.  No luck.  We all ran through about a dozen suggestions, and none worked.  So, she was going to have to get her car towed back to her apartment, where she had a spare remote control.

However, Mr. Tow Man only had one seat in the tow truck.  So, I had to call my Dad to come pick up Emily and me.  My parents live almost an hour away from where we were.  He got there at just about the same time  as the tow truck, so we all got rescued!  Hallelujah.  Of course by this time it was pitch dark outside.  Did I mention that we were in the middle of NOWHERE??  I finally made it home a bit before 11:30pm.  Our four hour journey had taken a full twelve hours.  What a crazy day!!  Days like these make me glad that I live near my parents.

Sunday was the Patriotic Celebration at church, which meant I had to be there extra early and ready to play in all three morning services.

This year's program was fantastic.  There were a lot of great songs, testimonies from veterans and current servicemen, and a tribute to those in our church body who had lost someone to a military conflict.  We played a new song this year from Les Miserables, "Bring Him Home."  While a man from the choir sang and the orchestra played, they had pictures on the screen of the Calvary members or relative of Calvary members who were currently serving, many of whom are currently deployed.  It was very moving.

And, today is Monday.  You all know what Monday means-- Bachelorette night!!!  It supposedly very explosive and exciting.  Here are a few teasers from Chris Harrison (via Twitter):

"You may think you know all but you've seen nothin yet! 1st 3 segments of Mon bachelorette will blow you away."

"If you miss 1st pt of Bette tonight you'll have no idea what the world is talkin about tom, yes the world!"

I can't wait!!  I'll be back tomorrow with my famous Bachelorette Recap!