Monday, July 26, 2010

Hilarious Headline of the Day.

The Hilarious Headline of the Day comes from the BBC-- Mexico Arrests Man with 18 Monkeys Around His Waist.  Of course he had 18 monkeys around his waist.  Who doesn't carry their 18 monkeys that way?  And what customs official would notice 18 monkeys squirming around in your clothes?

It seems that Roberto Sol Cabrera was stopped by customs in Mexico City returning from Lima, Peru because he was acting "nervously."  When officials searched him, they found 18 titi monkeys, each in a sock, hidden in a girdle around his waist.  Many species of these monkeys are on the endangered list, and two died during "transport."  There's a video on their website showing the monkeys as they found them (but not on his person).  Poor monkeys.  Although, they don't look like any monkeys I've ever seen...

Image courtesy of the BBC