Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Girl Who Played With Fire and Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

This is the second book in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  Dag Svensson, a freelance journalist, plans to publish a story that exposes important people involved in Sweden's sex trafficking business based on research conducted by his girlfriend, Mia Johansson, a criminologist and gender studies scholar.  A few weeks before publication, the couple is shot to death in their Stockholm apartment. Lisbeth Salander, who has a history of violent tendencies, becomes the prime suspect after the police find her fingerprints on the murder weapon. Mikael Blomkvist tries to clear Salander of the crime with some crazy twists and unlikely sources of help.

The third book in the thrilling trilogy brings the story from the Girl Who Played With Fire to its final conclusion.  Without giving too much away, Mikael Blomkvist attempts to uncover a decades-long government conspiracy and cover up which has changed the course of Lisbeth Salander's life.

These two books go together, which the first book of the "trilogy" seems to be its own story-- more of a "prequel."  Regardless, I looooooooved these books.  The story is intriguing with lots of plot twists and unanticipated turns.  Lots of books end so quickly with all the storylines tied up in a neat little bow.  But, this book did not do that.  The resolution to all the storylines were not at all rushed, yet completely satisfying.  I highly recommend these books (with the caveat that there is some strong language and some sexual content that you may or may not deem inappropriate).  

My grade: A

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