Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is Wrong?

Welcome to new Tuesday Tag-Along followers!  I'm glad you've all stopped by, although you've picked a rough week to do it.  I don't usually rant, but after this past Saturday, it must be done.

Tuesday Tag-Along


I love the Florida Gators.  But, the last few weeks have been a disaster.

First was the crushing by Bama.

The LSU game was closer, but was still a loss.

And then this past Saturday, my Gators lost to MISSISSIPPI STATE.  Seriously??  At least Bama and LSU I can understand.  But MSU?  The score was 10-7, and the Gators played HORRIBLE.  They were lucky to get their one TD.  

Admittedly, I jumped on the Florida wagon late in life-- not until 2004, when I was in college (and yes, before the Tebow era).  But, I've never seen them play as bad as they have the last few weeks.  From what I understand, they haven't lost three games in a row since the 1990s.  What is wrong with them?  Just because Tim Tebow isn't there anymore doesn't mean the team should fall apart!


  1. Hi, Katie! I'm your new follower! I'm sorry you had a rough week, maybe this week will be better. Please stop by and visit my blog!


  2. Found you via the blog hop, was going to follow until I found out you're a gator! I'm a die hard Seminole! Hahaha. I guess I can put the rivalry aside just this once. New follower. =)

  3. Hi. I'm your newest follower from Twee Poppets... would love for you to follow me too (- :