Tuesday, November 9, 2010

100th Post!!

Woo hoo!  This is my 100th Post!!!  I started blogging pretty much on a whim with no particular purpose, but it's become something that I love so much.  I've "met" great people through blogging and even reconnected with some old friends.  Thank you all for sticking with me and reading my random ramblings.  (Hello, alliteration...)  Here's to 100 more!

This weekend was a busy weekend.  Saturday morning, we had a special orchestra rehearsal at church since our Christmas program is only 5 weeks away.  (Eeek!)  We got through all the music and made a lot of progress.  Then, Rebekah and I went to Charlotte for the Orlando Magic at Charlotte Bobcats game, which was hands-down the highlight of the weekend.  

PS-- I dont know if you will notice from the picture, but Rebekah is 6'3" and I'm 5'0".  On a good day.  When my hair is poofy.  The two of us together get hilarious looks.  It's part of why I love hanging out with her.  :)

On Sunday, I went to the Carolina Panthers game with my life-long friend Jennifer.  It was a total disaster.  The Panthers lost to the Saints 34-3.  They couldn't get a single touchdown.  But, that's pretty much been our season.  John Fox is probably next after Wade Phillips today...

Hope y'all had a GREAT weekend too!