Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Weekend Before Christmas.

Eeek!  It's the last weekend before Christmas??  How did that happen?  That means tomorrow is the busiest shopping day of the year, and who has to get out in it and finish up her shopping list?  Me.

I may need a helmet and football pads (or more like bumpers around my car) to make my way through the throng of people.  All I have left to shop for is my brother and my work Secret Santa.  I have a game plan, so it's just a matter of execution.

You guys all done with shopping or procrastinators like me?  Hope you guys all have a great weekend!  :)

PS-- Welcome to everyone from the Friday blog hops.  Let me know you stopped by, and I'll return the favor!


  1. Thanks for the visit! I am loving your blog and following you right back! This year I made two large orders on amazon so I got a lot of my gifts bought earlier. I am not a big fan of crowds. I did have to go get some stuff last minute the other evening after work. Good luck this weekend!

  2. I hope you survived shopping!! I had to brave it today myself!! EEK!!