Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things You Should Know if We're Going to be BFFs.

I love the UNC Tarheels, NY Yankees, Florida Gators, Denver Broncos, and the Orlando Magic.  
(If you're a Red Sock or Dukie, we will not be BFFs.  Just sayin.)

Cream cheese belongs on a cracker, not in icing on a cupcake.

I will put on my makeup in the car or in my office at work to give myself an extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning.

I run into things all the time-- walls, my desk, tables, etc.  This is why I shop for furniture with rounded edges.

Unlike most girls, I hate horses.  They're smelly and gross, not to mention huge and dangerous. 

When shopping, I'll pick up several items but frequently put them all back and not buy a thing.

Speaking of shopping, my favorite store is Sephora-- I rarely walk out of it without buying anything.

I absolutely cannot keep my house clutter-free, but I wish I was a neat freak.  

I hate having to do something on Saturday.  It's my day of relaxation.

I rarely take naps anymore, but when I do, they're two hours or more.

I love dogs and REALLY want a puppy.

I have successfully weaned myself off Diet Coke and haven't had once since before Halloween.  Sigh.


  1. Great list :)

    Im the same way about shopping... I will always pick stuff up.. and then change my mind and put it all back! I always feel weird doing that though.

    And I too bump into things constantly, i swear something must be wrong with my vision. I always walk too closr to the wall or the couch and walk into them.

  2. i love your list!

    i'm the exact same way about doing my makeup, so i can sleep in.. & i do the same thing with shopping!

  3. You have such a great list!

    I put on my eye makeup at work to give myself a little more time to sleep. I don't like horses either! :)

  4. Hey Katie!! Em a NC Girl!! Big Tarheels Fan! wanna be neat freak!! I think we could be friends! New follower!

  5. Ok, so I totally hate horses too--they scare me to death! I LOVE your list and I have decided that you are my new BFF, okay?

    LOL! Thanks for linking up!


  6. This is AWESOME! I run into things ALL THE TIME as well...and find random bruises all over my body from it. It really is a problem! And yes- get a puppy! They are the best.

    Have a good day!

  7. girl i think we can be friends we have lots in common and oh man i LOVE sephora :)

    love this list.
    hope you have a merry Christma