Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ultimate Gift.

This weekend was our church's Christmas Celebration.  We had five performances over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  It was AMAZING and such fun to be a part of.  My shoulders and neck are pretty sore from playing my flute and piccolo for 20+ hours in the last week, but it was worth it.

I hadn't played in the orchestra for the last few years due to law school, bar exam, etc.  But not being part of the program last year made me really want to be back, so I was beyond excited to participate again this year.

The orchestra started off the program with an arrangement of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Wizards in Winter.  Our pianist, Jeremy, was the focus of our version of this piece, and he was fantastic.  If only I had video of our performance, I'd post it.  But, the original guys will have to suffice for you.  :)

Here are a few pics from the weekend (forgive the poor quality of my iPhone camera...).  I loved the backdrop they did.  The lights changed colors throughout the program as needed-- very cool.

My friend Liane-- and our only cellist

The "Madrigals"

Six geese a'laying-- these geese honked the whole time.  Hilarious.

The final song-- Joy to the World

This is one of my favorite songs that was part of the program-- Sound of the Round
(Note: This video is not our choir, but these folks did a pretty great job with it.)

I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit now!  


  1. I'm an oboe player, and I can definitely relate to the full-body pain of having to play Christmas programs ;)