Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bachelorette Recap-- Turkish Edition.

Woohoo—Bachelorette time!!  Ali and the guys travel to Istanbul, Turkey this week, which is pretty cool.  Don’t know how romantic it is, but it’s definitely a unique location (and infinitely better than Whistler, Canada and Reykjavik, Iceland).  

Before we can even get to the first date, Chris Harrison shows up to (kind of) deliver some bad news to Ali—he actually lets Jessie (from last season of the Bachelor) deliver the news.  After a million rings on the phone, she says that Justin has… A GIRLFRIEND.  What???  Who among us saw this coming?  Oh yeah—everyone.  He’s been a jerk since the beginning.  Of course he has a girlfriend.  Oh, not only does he have a girlfriend, but he has TWO!! 

Ali makes the most astute observation of the night-- “Everything he said was basically a lie.”  Well, duh.  Ali proceeds to confront Justin in very dramatic fashion, and he walks away.  He just LEAVES!  She literally chases him down a flight of stairs to try to talk.  He refuses to talk on camera and even tells her “don’t touch me.”  He is actually running away from her, climbing over shrubs, up waterfalls, and across the city.

Finally, he comes back after “time to come up with a story,” according to Ali.  He offers to give back his rose, but Ali says “it’s a little late for that.”  He denies having a girlfriend, saying she’s his best friend only, denies the unnamed girlfriend #2, and emphatically denies calling her while on the show.  I’ll give the girl credit—Ali handled Girlfriend-gate pretty well.  It actually made me dislike her less. 

This is what I’ve never understood about people—why do you lie about something that can SO EASILY be confirmed.  I don’t know why my clients do it, and I don’t know why Justin did it here.  It’s so stupid.  He was dumb enough to leave a girl voicemail messages who was mad at him, why wouldn’t he think she might get pissed enough to spill the beans?  What an  idiot.

Onto the dates!

Date #1 – One on One with Ty
Ty is so cute!  But, it’s not long before Ali says the second most hated phrase (second only to “the Right Reasons”) on the Bachelorette—“I have a surprise for him.”  No you don’t!!  You had nothing to do with the planning of this date!!!  Anywayyyyy… Ali and Ty go to an ancient Turkish bath.    “It’s crazy to think that people have been bathing here for 300 years!”  Ew.

Back at the house, Frank still has the crazy eyes.  He gets the next one on one date while Roberto, Kirk, Craig and Chris get the group date. 

Returning to the date, Ali makes more retarded comments—Justin ruined her trust in men and within six hours, Ty had restored it?  She’s ridiculous.  They lather each other up and make out for a while before heading out to dinner.  At dinner, Ty scares the $#!+ out of Ali when he tells her that he and his ex-wife divorced basically because she worked outside the home, and he didn’t know how to handle it.  Of course, he’s a changed man and now can handle a woman who isn’t “traditional.”  Ali has some concerns, but likes him enough to give him a rose.

Date #2—Group Date
Roberto, Kirk, Chris and Craig all stroll along the river to find Ali, which shouldn’t be too difficult because “there aren’t that many blond girls in Turkey.”  Finally, they find her on top of a castle because, really, where else would she be?  Again, Ali says the soon to be #1 most hated phrase—“I have a surprise for the guys.”  I believe that this surprise will not be as nice as the one for Ty. 

All of a sudden, this crazy bagpipe-like noise with drums can be heard coming up to where they’re hanging out drinking their beers.  They’re going to have to LITERALLY fight for extra time with Ali.  The dudes get their butts kicked by the Turkish professional wrestlers before turning on each other.  Craig wins the time with Ali by hanging tough against a “pretty strong” Roberto.

Craig finally gets some time with Ali.  He’s incredibly funny and sweet.   But there’s ZERO chemistry between them.  Poor Craig.

Date #3—One on One with Frank
This date does not start off well—Ali says, “I don’t know if we can get back to where we were… He continues to sort of disappoint me… It’s kind of make it or break it today.”  No pressure or anything.

As soon as Frank gets there, though, she lights up like a Christmas tree.  Thank goodness Frank is back to his funny, charming self.  They go to a bazaar and buy some ridiculous items before going to a cistern for some serious talk.  They have a “raw and real” chat that apparently calmed all of Ali’s fears.  You can tell that she REALLY likes him.  And, of course, gives him a rose.

Rose Ceremony
Ali has her mind made up, so she foregoes the cocktail party and heads straight to the rose ceremony.  She has a connection “of some sort with all the guys except one.”  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it is Craig.  And, much to no one’s surprise, Craig is the one sent packing.  He’s clearly upset by it, but takes it pretty well. 

This leaves Roberto, Chris, Kirk, Frank, and Ty to make it to the next leg of this globe-trotting experience.  Next week’s stop is Lisbon, Portugal where hometown dates are on the line...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Braving the High Seas and Other Weekend Craziness.

Oh wow-- what a weekend.  Friday night, I went swimming with Emily, Debbie & Rebekah.  We grilled turkey burgers and had some of the hottest guacamole I've ever eaten.  (Great job, Reba!)

Saturday was when the excitement began.  Em, Reba, and I were supposed to leave around 10:30 to go tubing down the Dan River.

We didn't get to leave until about 11:30 then had to make a few stops on the way.  So, by the time we got to Danbury, it was 12:30ish.  I should point out to those of you who are not familiar that Danbury, NC is a TINY town almost in Virginia.  There is very little civilization.  So, we parked in the field and hopped on a bus to drive us up the river so we could float back down to our car.

The bus dropped us off at the "Four-Hour" stop per Emily's suggestion, instead of the "Two-Hour" stop.  We hop on our inner tubes along with the cooler tube tethered to mine. Everything is going alone fine until the water starts to get shallow.  Then even more shallow until we get to the point where the rocks on the riverbed were higher than the water.  So, on a couple occasions, we had to get out of the tubes, pick them up (or drag them, like me), and walk down the river without falling down on the slippery rocks.  Harder than it sounds, as I found out.

Despite these moments, it was incredibly peaceful.  It was also VERY LONG.  The "Four-Hour" stop gave us a 6+ hour journey down the river.  We got in right before 1 and finally got out a little after 7pm.  Oddly enough, our adventure had only begun.

Reba has a Toyota Camry.  It is apparently the most retarded car in the universe.  She had locked the car with the remote button.  But, the remote had gotten water-logged in the cooler as the ice melted and no longer worked.  So, she had to use the actual key to unlock the doors.  Only problem is that Toyota thinks that if you use the key to unlock the car after locking it with the remote control that you are trying to steal it.  So, the car alarm starts going off and the car won't start.

Somebody at the campsite has the brilliant idea to disconnect the horn so that it's not crazy loud, but the alarm is still going off.  Thank goodness that she is an AAA member.  She called them up, and an hour later a guy was there to try and fix it.  He tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect it in hopes that it would reset the electrical system.  No luck.  We all ran through about a dozen suggestions, and none worked.  So, she was going to have to get her car towed back to her apartment, where she had a spare remote control.

However, Mr. Tow Man only had one seat in the tow truck.  So, I had to call my Dad to come pick up Emily and me.  My parents live almost an hour away from where we were.  He got there at just about the same time  as the tow truck, so we all got rescued!  Hallelujah.  Of course by this time it was pitch dark outside.  Did I mention that we were in the middle of NOWHERE??  I finally made it home a bit before 11:30pm.  Our four hour journey had taken a full twelve hours.  What a crazy day!!  Days like these make me glad that I live near my parents.

Sunday was the Patriotic Celebration at church, which meant I had to be there extra early and ready to play in all three morning services.

This year's program was fantastic.  There were a lot of great songs, testimonies from veterans and current servicemen, and a tribute to those in our church body who had lost someone to a military conflict.  We played a new song this year from Les Miserables, "Bring Him Home."  While a man from the choir sang and the orchestra played, they had pictures on the screen of the Calvary members or relative of Calvary members who were currently serving, many of whom are currently deployed.  It was very moving.

And, today is Monday.  You all know what Monday means-- Bachelorette night!!!  It supposedly very explosive and exciting.  Here are a few teasers from Chris Harrison (via Twitter):

"You may think you know all but you've seen nothin yet! 1st 3 segments of Mon bachelorette will blow you away."

"If you miss 1st pt of Bette tonight you'll have no idea what the world is talkin about tom, yes the world!"

I can't wait!!  I'll be back tomorrow with my famous Bachelorette Recap!

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friday!

Hallelujah, the week is almost over!  And what a week it has been.  Monday began my absolute favorite tennis tournament of the year-- WIMBLEDON!!

So far, my man Andy Roddick has been playing great.  After last year's excruciating defeat to Roger Federer in the final, I'm hopeful that he can finally pull of a win.  Especially since Roger has been looking so beatable this year.

Wednesday and Thursday saw just about every tennis record fall thanks to John Isner (USA) and Nicolas Mahut (France) with their MARATHON match.  Isner finally won the final set 70-68 on his fifth match point.

I felt so bad for Mahut after playing for sooooo long and losing.  Someone obviously had to, but what an effort.  He was so gracious after the match as well.   

Wimbledon has been so great that I almost forgot about the World Cup!  Holy cow, what a match against Algeria this week.  It was so stressful-- the thousands of shots that bounced off the goal post or went over the crossbar.  Then, Landon Donovan comes through in stoppage time (overtime-ish, for you non-soccer people) with an incredible goal set up by Tim Howard's long throw.  INCREDIBLE.

My own week has been rather boring-- lots of work, a super-long orchestra rehearsal for our church's patriotic musical this weekend, and trying to deal with my new contacts.  All in all, it's been a pretty great week, but I'm looking forward to this weekend and going tubing!  I've never been, but I'm pretty excited.  Hope you all had a great week too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bachelorette Tuesday.

You all know what Tuesday means-- Bachelorette trash talk recap!  Tonight, there were volcano eruptions, tears, puzzled glances, and bad poetry.  Bachelorette producers, you have outdone yourselves again!  Before we go any further, I have to seriously question the choice of a "romantic getaway to ICELAND."  Seriously??  Did they run out of island paradises?  Anywayyyyyy....

Poetry Competition
The "coveted one-on-one" date was decided this week by a love poem competition.  (Icelandic words = extra credit because who doesn't love the lilting rhythm and beautiful sounds of the Icelandic language?)  Most dudes weren’t a total disaster except the guy who FINALLY got some airtime, but whose name I still don’t know. 

Was I the only one who thought Kasey might break into song when reciting his poem?  Again, he was so delusional.  She loved it.  I’m 100% confident I’m getting the rose.  She saw my heart.  Blah blah blah… 

Kirk and Frank were definitely the winners of the evening.  Did the other guys not learn the Lion King lesson about singing/reciting poetry TO Ali instead of AT Ali?  Much to Frank's dismay, Ali picked Kirk because his poem was marginally better and he had not yet had a one-on-one.

Date 1-- One on One
So, Kirk and Ali head out to “explore Reykjavik.”  In a sweater shop.  And feed some ducks.  (Geese?  Swans?  Whatev.)  In all seriousness, I really like Kirk—he’s super funny and goofy, which would be important to me.  However, I'm not entirely sold on their chemistry.

Back at the hotel, Frank says what is pretty obvious-- "I think this experience is pushing Kasey over the edge."  No kidding.  Crazy Kasey goes on this word roller coaster about being here for Ali, etc.: "That's why I got this tattoo-- to be someone and to be a man.  To be a man for Ali, to be a man for that woman...  I'm not trying to just stick around; I'm trying to be the man of her dreams... I want her to fall in love with me.  I'm Kasey Dale-- I'm a dreamer.  I'm a believer.  I love to love.  I love to give.  I love to share.  I got a tattoo-- I can take the physical pain.  The physical pain is nothing to me-- I like feeling pain."  Frank does his best to buck up our resident psycho stalker to try and get rid of "the wrestler."  Raise your hand if you think Crazy Kasey comes home instead of the wrestler?  I didn't think so.

Date 2-- Group Date
Next on this icy stop, Ali takes the guys on an "adventure filled day here in Iceland."  They go horseback riding, where Ty shows his cowboy side.  And, I've got to give him credit-- it's kind of hot, even though I don't like horses.  The group trots up to a hole in the ground where Ali tells them they're all going to plummet to their death go cave exploring!  Who wouldn't be thrilled about this romantic date!  Well, Frank isn't too thrilled since there are other dudes with him and Ali.  He's actually turned into the perfect guy for Ali because he's become so whiny.


After cave spelunking, they all decide to get virtually naked in a glorified hot tub.  Where Frank again has the crazy eyes.  But, Ali quickly sets him straight and he decides he needs to fight for her instead of sit around sulking.

Back at the hotel, Kasey is whining to Kirk about the upcoming disaster date.  The wrestler overhears and proceeds to engage in trash talking to get Kasey right where he wants him.  I hope Ali sends them both packing.

Back to the hot tub, Cowboy Ty gets the rose.  Much to Frank's dismay.  Again.


Date 3--Two on One
Could the two-on-one date be any more hyped?  The faces of Kasey and Rated R when they learned they would be on this date were priceless.  But, it was fairly tame.  The producers have gone crazy with the locations though-- this date took place on top of a volcano.  No no no no no no no no.  Do they not see the eruption less than 100 yards away?  I'd be safely in my helicopter.  Heck, I'd be in some tropical island, but whatever. 

Predictably, Justin is cheesy and Kasey is psycho.  In a bit of foreshadowing, Ali says "All [Kasey] has to do is be normal."  So what does he do?  He breaks out a tattoo that he got for her after only knowing her for four weeks!  Ali is a bit stunned, but I'll give her credit that she was pretty diplomatic about the whole thing.  I probably would've laughed in his face.  She sends Crazy Kasey home in uneventful fashion.  No victory celebration for the wrestler though.  Justin's line of the night-- "There were two roses given out tonight.  One to Justin and one to Rated R."  Seriously?  What an idiot.

Rose Ceremony
At the rose ceremony, the guys try to give it their last shot.  Craig is pretty nervous about the evening, but he definitely wins the prize for funniest moment of the night with his mock-tattoo.  Everybody says they're "100% sure" they're getting a rose.  Even the guy whose name I still don't know (and probably never will), despite the crickets during his "chat" with Ali.  
Chris N.
All in all, the ceremony is predictable.  Unknown guy is gone and gives the most emotionless goodbye in Bachelor/ette history.

Next week, the gang goes to Istanbul.  A step up from Iceland, I'll give them, but still not on my list of romantic getaways.  The previews show Frank finally getting (another) one-on-one date.  Thank goodness he can stop whining now.  Although, he apparently blows it.

Oh, and finally we see who is behind Girlfriend-Gate Part Deux.  (Don't spoil it, you cheaters!)

Tool Tuesdays

Tool of the week is (surprisingly) not Kasey.  It's the Wrestler because he was so annoying and a manipulative jerk.  I have a feeling he'll be next week's Tool too...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week Recap and GTKY Sunday!

I've been a bad and slacker blogger this week.  So, let's do a quick recap of the highlights.

Thursday was my dad's birthday.  My whole family got together to celebrate.

We had a great time.  I also got my brother an incredible deal on plane tickets to NYC for July 4.  My secret?  Buy two one way tickets instead of a round trip ticket.  By flying out of a different airport than he went in, I saved him $300.  What a great sister am I?

I also got contacts for the first time.  Apparently my eyes have deteriorated to the point that I have to wear corrective lenses daily.  What fun.  I've been spending about 15 minutes every morning and night trying to put in and take out my contacts.  So, my eyes are a little confused and going crazy.

Friday, I had a super important meeting that I thought went well, but I won't know anything for a while.  To celebrate (maybe?), Emily and April went with me to play tennis.  Then, we decided to watch The Little Mermaid, which I havent seen in at least ten years.  Still such a cute movie.  The music is great, and I love Sebastian!

Check out these delicious treats that Emily made.  They're not just your everyday rice krispie treat-- the marshmallows are coconut flavored!  Sooooo delicious!!

And, today of course is Father's Day.  I'm hanging with my dad today watching the race at Infineon, US Open (go Tiger!), and the World Cup.  All in all, a pretty fantastic Sunday.  Oh, and I made him these wonderful treats from Annie's Eats.

You all know what Sunday means-- it's Getting to Know You time!  (check it out at mannland5.com)

1.  While at the beach, pool, etc... Do you cover up your assets or show them off?  Definitely cover them up if I'm up walking around.  But sitting on a chair trying to soak up some sun requires.... less covering.

2.  Road trips or plane trips?  Plane trips, definitely.  I'm not a girl who can ride in a car for hours and hours on end.  Six hours is about my limit-- which will get me as far as DC or Atlanta.  Anything more than that requires a plane.

3.  I can't stand it when...?  People interrupt me when I'm talking.  I try really hard not to do it (even though I fail often) to other people.

4.  Have you ever gone topless at the beach?  Absolutely not.

5.  How many blog carnivals do you do a week?  Two or three at the most.  I try and keep a cap on it.

6.  My favorite thing about the weekend is...?  Time that is all mine to do with as I wish.

7.  Pancakes or waffles?  Waffles!  With blueberries, strawberries, peaches, or really any fruit.  Oh, and homemade whipped cream.  Yum!

8.  Water park or amusement park?  Water park.  If I'm going to be walking around in the heat for hours, I'm going to need some water to keep me cool.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Bachelorette Hilarity.

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means-- time to talk Bachelorette!

Tool Tuesdays

Date #1-- Kasey (previously Weird Voice Dude, now Crazy Kasey) is CREEPY.  I'm not even going to touch the random bursts into song (which were HILARIOUS).  Kasey is also the big winner of Tool Tuesday!  (It was fairly obvious this week...)


Here are a few of my favorite moments from their date:
  • "Ali was cocooned and she was trapped in this foundation of trying to look for love, and she didn't get it from Jake or anyone else, and now she's kind of expanded out into this beautiful butterfly, and she's ready, and she's open for love."  O.M.G.
  • (While in a helicopter flying above New York City)-- "This is reality."  Maybe for Donald Trump.
  • "I want Ali to know that I'm not your average guy."  That's for sure.
  • "It's just my heart.  Jump in.  Stay a while."  Ewwwww.
  • "Guard and protect her heart."  "Guard and protect her heart."  "Guard and protect her heart."  "Guard and protect her heart."  "Guard and protect her heart."  How many times did he say this stupid phrase in the course of the show? 
Date #2-- Group date with about 30 guys at the Lion King on Broadway.  This may be the most amazing date the Bachelor people have ever arranged-- being ON a Broadway stage with a hot guy?  What could be better? 
  • Jonathan (the Weatherman) was going nuts over being on Broadway almost jumping up and down he was so excited.  But, I just can't find him endearing.  First, he uses weather puns constantly-- "Forecast was for sunny skies, but all of a sudden this storm just crapped in my face."  Then, at the "after-party," he literally stared her down while she's with some other dude.  Stalker much?  But, I think I've figured out what it is about him that's so weird.  He's childish and feminine.  Almost like he's a child trying to sound like a grown up.  He just seems so little and young and not in the same league as everyone else, as evidenced by his hyper-dramatics.  He knows it too, which is why he's so whiny and insecure.
  • Kirk!  Holy cow, how sweet was he?  Putting her to bed when she was sick, telling a "bedtime story" but not taking advantage of the situation.  Major points. 

Date #3-- Chris L. seems super nice.  I'm with Ali-- a guy who loves his family as much as Chris would be really attractive.  Plus, bringing soup and flowers when sick ain't too shabby.  He's on my short list.

Chris L.

This week's observations--
  • All I can say about Kasey is that he's seriously certifiable.  Getting a tattoo to prove his genuineness to Ali?  Then the guys are literally laughing in his face when he showed it to them, and he says "They loved it.  They thought it was a great addition to my life.  They thought it was very inspiring.  They thought it was very courageous, and they thought that, you know what, Kase, I can respect you for doing something like that."  What alternate universe is he living in? (ps-- Was he already drunk before the rose ceremony started?  He started giggling more than necessary at Lawyer Craig's "joke" about Justin.)  
  • When will you people who go on these shows realize that the Bachelor/Bette is DATING MORE THAN ONE PERSON.  You knew this going in, yet now you're whining about her dating other people?  Give me a break.
  • How delusional are these people?  It's funny to me when we watch the interaction with one of the guys and Ali that is so clearly awkward, and then you hear his voice-over saying how wonderful his time with Ali was and how confident that he is to get a rose.  Seriously-- were we watching the same thing?  
Those not making the cut this week are: the Overly Dramatic Weatherman Jonathan and Cow-Loving Jesse.  Which leaves Roberto, Frank, Chris N. (I don't think I've ever seen this dude before), Justin, Kirk, Ty, and Crazy Kasey.

Next week, we head to the tropical paradise, Iceland!  Wait, what??  And, all Ali apparently needs from Crazy Kasey is for him to "be normal."  Good luck with that!

Monday, June 14, 2010


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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Recap and GTKYS.

This weekend, I dog-sat for my parents and stayed at their house.  It was a perfectly lovely weekend, but I really don't like not being at my own place with my own stuff, food, and DirecTV instead of cable.  But, I did get to hang out with my two favorite girls, Maggie and Emma:

Last night, Sarah and Emily came over for dinner.  Sarah made her famous guacamole, and I grilled turkey burgers.  Yes, I grilled on an actual grill for the very first time!  The turkey burgers turned out SO GOOD.  We used the Lipton onion soup mix with 99% fat free turkey, and they had a ton of flavor.  Topped with the guacamole, they were perfect.

Oh, and if for some reason you feel the need to watch the movie The Cry of the Owl with Julia Stiles, DON'T.  We really got it as a joke because Emily HATES Julia Stiles.  But it turned out to be worse than we could've possibly imagined.  

And, today the weekend officially comes to a close.  Sad.  But Sunday also means that it's GTKYS time!

Getting to know YOU

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Superhuman strength..Flight..Superhuman speed..X-Ray vision..etc Flight or speed-- definitely not X-Ray vision.

2. The best thing I ever won is....? A spelling bee when I was in the first grade.  Plus a some scholarships, especially for law school.

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?

Never skyped period. 

4. What is your favorite Summer month?
June.  It's not so hot yet and I can anticipate all the fun things summer will bring. 

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?
Definitely the ocean.  I love the beach and the ocean.  

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....? The summer after my freshman year of college, I went on a mission trip to Ukraine, Moldova, and the Netherlands.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

7. What's your favorite secret bargain?
It's not really a secret, but I use a redbox code every time I get a movie from them.  Haven't paid for a redbox rental in over a year.  It just saves a dollar each time, but who doesn't love getting things for free?

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?
Definitely.  I'm not a big soccer fan even though I love sports.  But the World Cup is like the Olympics-- it only comes around every four years, it's a HUGE event worldwide, and I can root for my country.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Think They Can Dance.

First of all, welcome to today's Friday Follow visitors!

The Girl Creative

Confession time.  I'm a latecomer to the So You Think You Can Dance party, coming around last summer.  This year, I had a little trouble getting into the show and seriously thought about giving it up.  But, I thought I'd watch one last episode (plus, I was curious where the amazing Billy Bell went and if he'd appear as promised).  And, by the first week of Vegas, I was hooked again.

I love, love, love the people this season, and I was really touched by some of their stories.  I actually cried at times, and I NEVER do that.  These people are absolutely amazing.

This week, the top ten was revealed, and I was thrilled that most of my picks made it through.  Yay!  Here are my favorites:

Kent is the funniest, most enthusiastic guy.  He's an 18 year old who grew up on a farm and had never been out of Ohio until he made it to the Vegas round of SYTYCD.  So cute!

Lauren is amazing.  Her final solo in Vegas BLEW. ME. AWAY.  Watching her makes me wish I could dance.

Melinda is so unique.  She's a tap dancer with an edge and a great personality. 

And, of course, the highly anticipated Billy Bell.  He was my favorite last season but had to withdraw due to a mysterious illness.  But he's back with a vengeance this season in the specially-created 11th spot.  There wasn't much shown of him during the Vegas weeks, but I can't wait to see him dance again.

Another Commitment.

As I've mentioned, I'm going on a cruise later this summer.  So, thanks to my cruise, I have made (another) commitment to workout regularly.  I HATE working out.  There are so many things I'd rather do.  Like sit on the couch and watch TV.  But alas, some sacrifice must be made to get swimsuit ready for the Bahamas.  

So, I'm committed to working out at least four times a week until I leave.  And, this time, I have the help of a lovely blog community to keep myself accountable.  

So far this week, I've been good.  I've done three days of Winsor Pilates, one of my favorite video workouts, to tone my "powerhouse".  And, I'm going to play tennis with my friend Emily tomorrow to get some good cardio.  And, believe you me-- it's a workout playing with her because there's no telling where she's going to hit that ball.  (Love you, Em!)  

Any suggestions for other good workouts?  Keep in mind that I get bored really easily (which has been my problem with running).  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bachelorette Recap.

This week was full of hilarious moments.  Here are some of my favorite lines of the night:

  • Ali-- "Roberto is so beautiful that I almost wonder if he thinks I'm pretty enough for him, and it makes me feel nervous...  That's pretty big for me.  Not many guys can make me feel that way."  Translation-- I'm a 10.  Most dudes I take pity on date are only an 8 or 9.
  • Justin (to at least cameraman, boom mic operator, and about 5 or 6 producers)-- "I'm planning to sneak out of the mansion."  Hey, Rated R-- it's not sneaking if you tell everyone your plans first.
  • Ty-- "It's like Mr. Jekyll.... (long pause)... and Hyde."  He clearly was an English major.
  • Kasey (the guy with the WEIRD voice)--  "I would've loved to have gone and sung and showed Ali my voice a little bit. I'd love to sing her a song from my heart."  I think we've heard enough of your voice, thank you.   
Chris L.
  • Chris-- "This was a big day of firsts for the Weatherman. First kiss with Ali, first kiss in a music video, first kiss... ever."  So mean, yet so true.  And so funny.

Top 2 Tuesday-- Books.

This week's Top 2 topic is books!  At first, I was excited because I LOVE books and read all the time.  But, holy cow-- I have to pick my favorite two??  Impossible!  So, to preserve my sanity, I've narrowed it down a bit to just the Top 2 books I've read in the last 12 months (out of I don't know how many, it was still difficult). 

Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Both of these books were amazing, and my family can tell you that I did not stop talking about either one for a long time.  I love books that don't remind me of anything I've read before, and books like that don't come along very often.  But both of these definitely fit that bill.  They were so unique and enthralling that I could hardly put them down to go to sleep.  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello Weekend-- How I've Missed You.

Yay-- the weekend is here!  Which means, a few stress-free days!  And, this weekend is going to be amazing.  Why, you ask?  Because I have literally NOTHING planned, which makes me so happy.

I will sit on my couch and finish my book while watching Season 4 of Prison Break.  Or, I might go to the pool with my friends.  Sunday, I'm sure to go to my grandmother's for lunch and my parents' house to watch the race and see my sweet puppies:




I'm also thinking about going to see Killers too-- it looks really funny.

I'm so close to finishing a GREAT book, so I'd definitely like to accomplish that this weekend no matter what.

Ahhhh... I love the weekend.