Sunday, January 16, 2011

101 in 1001 Update.

It's been five months since I created my 101 in 1001 list, so I figured I should check up and see how I'm doing:

24. Pay off credit cards: I am finally credit card debt-free! So exciting!! Granted, my credit card debt was not ridiculously high, but I carried a balance for the first time in my life for about five months. It was actually a good lesson for me to learn how scary it is to have that hanging over me AND how easy it was to let it get to that point. So, I SERIOUSLY cut back on my spending and am trying to be much more responsible these days.

25. Pay back parents: In the theme of debt-free living, I'm now on track to pay back my parents by this summer. Which will then mean that my only debts are my mortgage and student loans (both of which are long-term).

28. Organize all bills and financial docs: I made a HUGE dent in this last weekend by sorting through ALL my papers in the office and filing them away appropriately. I've still got a few here and there before I can officially cross it off the list, but I'm 95% done with this one.

64. Watch all movies on the AFI top 100 list (10th Anniversary Edition): When I started, I had only seen 29 of these movies, but now (thanks to my TiVo and Netflix) I'm up to 54! And, let me say that I have NO IDEA why some of these movies are some of the best movies ever... But some have been amazing.

71. Donate 1% of annual income to charity or ministry (not including regular tithe): Accomplished.

79. Host a girls night for my friends: Halloween at my place consisted of "scary" movies and food. Good times.

87. Get a massage, 90. Spend a day relaxing in bed, 93. Organize photos: All accomplished!

So, I've made some progress, but I've got lots left to do. Plans for the first half of this year include:

3. Travel to a state I’ve never visited:  Hopefully to visit Rachel in Texas!!

13. Finish decorating master bedroom and bathroom and 14. Finish decorating living room: These should both be accomplished SOON.

25. Pay back parents completely.

34. Make decisions about my practice: I need to make some career decisions sooner rather than later.

51. Run a 5k.

65. Take a class of some kind.

Whew!  It's gonna be a busy few months, but I've got some concrete direction, which always makes me happy.  :)


  1. YAY Katie! Reading this was so inspiring- I think I have crossed 3 things off my list of 100 since last! Good for you for being out of debt and staying on track with your goals! I love number 71 and running a 5K? Awesome! You will do great.

  2. Yeah!! I like the one about going to Texas to visit Rachel!! :)

    You are doing well on your list, I need to start working on mine!!


  3. YESSSS you need to visit Texas! I promise it's not as western as Hollywood makes it seem!! :)

  4. Hey, great job on accomplishing so much already! If you need help completing #51 run a 5k, check out couch to 5k, they have a facebook page and you can google for the schedule. I did it last year and it is so helpful! I ran 3 5k races and 10k race in 2009 with help from c25k :)