Friday, January 7, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday.

1.  Winter is     basketball, snow, Christmas, birthday, sweaters, boots.  Love it.  

2.  Summer is    baseball season, hot as hades, sweaty, sunny, strawberries & peaches, vacation.  

3.  If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd   be wearing more skirts than pants, likely be sweating, and would constantly want to be at the pool.  

4.  My favorite thing to do in winter is   curl up on the couch under a warm blanket and watch TV (often basketball) or read a book.  

5.  My favorite thing to do in summer is   go to the pool or beach and watch the Yankee games. 

6.  The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is    a breezy sundress, flip flops, and lots of sunscreen for my pale skin!  

7.  The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is    jeans and a sweater over a lighter shirt plus my big wool coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.  I love winter clothing.  :) 

Happy Friday everyone!!  


  1. Our number five is very similar, except of course I watch Rangers games!! :)

    Our number 7 is exactly the same!! :) Looks like Dallas is getting a "winter blast" (as it's being called). I will be wearing that outfit Sunday going to church!!


  2. Love the fill in the blank idea! I love 2 and 5...cept I would be watching the Diamondbacks;-) I tagged you in a little award post, if you want it:-) Have a great weekend, Katie!

  3. I love your #7 answer! Winter clothes are my favorite!