Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes-- The Good, The Bad, and the Ridiculous.

I wasn't glued to the Golden Globes for much of the program because I was watching my Tar Heels suffer a pretty brutal beat down.  But, I did catch glimpses here and there plus the important awards at the end.

The Good:

Jim Parsons-- he's superb as the very eccentric Sheldon Cooper.  So glad for him.
Jim Parsons kissing his award during The Golden Globes

The Social Network-- Best Director for David Finchum, Best Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin (arguably the best screen writer ever), Best Original Score, and of course Best Picture- Drama.  I was thrilled for them.  This was my absolute favorite movie of 2010.  

It also began my slight obsession with Andrew Garfield. 
(cue gratuitous Andrew pic as Spiderman.)

The Bad: 

Ricky Gervais-- The host is supposed to be light-hearted and funny.  Yes, they poke fun at the movies and stars, but Ricky had a bit of an edge last night to the point of being really awkward at times.  He was even booed at points.  Guess he won't be hosting next year...  They should get Neil Patrick Harris-- he was hilarious when he hosted the Emmys.  Or Seth Meyers who did a fantastic job with the ESPYs.

Tilda Swinton-- Truly bizarre.  And not in a good way (kinda) like Helena Bonham Carter.  What is with this?
(ps-- I'm sort of liking HBC's different colored shoes.)

The Ridiculous:

The GLEE Love-fest

Don't get me wrong.  I watch Glee.  And I typically enjoy it.  But there is way too much hype about this show.  Almost to the point of making me dislike it for that reason alone.  But, I ignore that rebellious side of me and watch the show.  The music is great, granted.  But the storylines are often pretty weak, and I HATE a show that preaches at me, which Glee tends to do.  So, as delightful as I usually find Glee, it doesn't even come close to the consistent hilarity of Modern Family.

Modern Family tv show photo

Modern Family is the winner at my house.

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  1. I actually heard that Ricky Gervais was trying to get kicked off of hosting the Globes. Can't remember where I heard it though. Doesn't matter because he most DEFINITELY won't be back next year. He really annoyed me, but I almost killed him for his last comment about being an atheist. I don't know if you heard it or not... *sigh* I really loved how Tom Hanks handled him though. It was awesome, and he did it with such class!

  2. I love the Globes and I too have a newfound crush on Andrew Garfield. Plus, you're right. Modern Family was robbed.

  3. I LOVE Jim Parsons!! He is so my nerd crush. I'm so glad he won!! I watched the video of it this morning. :)

    I've read that Ricky Gervais was awful. I didn't know the name, but I recognize him from Night At the Museum. I honestly don't care for him all too much (even before last night).

    I've never seen Glee but a lot of my friends who loved it say they don't care for it much anymore.

    Okay, the blonde person on the right looks a little like David Bowie. Don't you think?

    I'll have to be sure to be home in time to read your life tweets. They are greatness!!


  4. I can't tell you how much I agree with your assessment. I didn't watch it but heard some of the comments Ricky Gervais said it they really made me angry- is this really the hilarious man that created The Office? ugh. And I love Glee most of the time. I do. But, Modern Family is waaayyy better!

  5. Hi Katie, thanks for the GG recap, I totally needed it since I didn't get a chance to watch Sunday night! Stopping by from Mingle Monday and returning some comment love :) Hope you have a wonderful week!