Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Lofty Goal.

As you all probably know, the Oscar nominations were released yesterday.  And, I was horrified surprised at some of the pretty serious omissions, including:
  • No Chris Nolan for Director of Inception, although he did get a Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture.
  • No Andrew Garfield for Best Supporting Actor in The Social Network. Given my love for Andrew (as you can read here and even a little bit here), I am seriously unhappy about this one.
  • No Mila Kunis for Best Supporting Acress in Black Swan.  
  • And no love at all for The Town, except a Supporting Actor for Jeremy Renner.  Not even a Best Screenplay for Ben Affleck.
But, despite these slaps in the face, I'm going to try to watch all of the films nominated for Best Picture (with one caveat below) before the Oscars on February 27.  Thank you, Netflix for having all the movies that are not currently in theaters!

Black Swan

The Fighter


The Kids Are All Right

The King's Speech

The Town 
(I'm substituting this for 127 Hours because I cannot handle that movie.)

The Social Network
(This is the only one I've already seen)

Toy Story 3

True Grit

Winter's Bone
(The only one on the list I've never even heard of.)

Anybody with me?  :)


  1. Am I the only one SICKENED at the mere thought of the movie "The Kids Are All Right?"

    I have seen True Grit and Toy Story 3. The girl who's in True Grit needs some sort of nomination. She was AMAZING. The movie was good, but not great. I went to see it with Anna & Jason while I was in NC. =)

    I REALLY want to see Social Network!! I've got to find a way to see it. Oh, and I really want to see The King's Speech. Jeffery Rush is awesome! (Though I'm starting to wonder if I can get his Pirates' character out of my head. =P)

  2. The Kids are Alright is more of an eye-opener than you'll probably be imagined so be forewarned. We have to finish the Town still and I'm dying to see the Social Network :)

  3. I'm with you and luckily I've already seen 4 of them. The last one I have never heard of either so if I don't get a chance to see that one then I won't mind. I do want to see 127 hours though b/c I think it will be interesting. Black Swan is a crazy movie but SO good.

  4. I'll need to borrow someone's Netflix account if I join ya! :) I will watch The Social Network and Inception for sure. I plan to rent Inception this weekend if I can!


  5. I cant wait to hear (hint hint) what you think of Inception! And if you watch True Grit let us know about that one too;-) My husband has been BEGGING to go see True Grit so im interested to know how you like it!

  6. I plan on watching all of them as well! I have seen Black Swan, Inception, The King's Speech, The Social Network, and Toy Story 3. I probably won't watch 127 hours or Winter's bone though... but the rest YES! :)

  7. Hi
    I am a new follower. I really want to see Toy Story 3 and The Social Network. We went to see True Grit because my hubby picked the movie...I wasnt too excited about it, but I really enjoyed it. Hope you like it too!