Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Normals vs. Crazies

The night began with an appropriate line from Chantal, apparently one of our wiser bachelorettes stating, "There are Normals and there are Crazies in this house."  Got that right.  It was a sad night--we lost Fangs.  :(  Who actually turned out to be a closet Normal, then got weird again.  More about her later.

The lucky bachelorette to get the first one-on-one date of the week-- southern sweetie, Ashley!  They went to a recording studio where Brad and Ashley tortured a sound engineer recorded a cover of Seal's "Kiss From a Rose."  Then, like magic, we find out that this was a special song between Ashley and her deceased father.  It's almost like someone knew about the connection and planned it just for her!

I actually like Ashley-- she actually seems rather mature (notwithstanding all the crying) and put together.  She's (so far) a Normal.

Then group date time.  They went to film an action movie, which makes this the second week in a row where Brad has "arranged" a date requiring girls to be in front of a camera.  Anyone else think this is bizarre?  Shawntel (a Normal) clearly won the day-- she was knocking down dudes left and right.  And she got the rose because Brad likes a woman who could beat him up.

I'm only going to address Michelle (do I really need to say that she's a Crazy?) briefly because realistically, I could go on for days about her and her issues.  But, this chick is not living in reality.  She first gets pissed because she didn't get the one on one.  Later, she tells Brad that they are "in a fight" because he kissed another girl and she doesn't want him to pursue anyone but her.  Um, this is the Bachelor-- he's gonna date other women.  That's kind of the premise.  End of Michelle.

And our last date of the week was with poor, sweet Holly Madison Emily (a Normal? jury's still out considering her MAJOR emotional baggage) with her sad story.  This is probably heartless, but I found it ironic that she said "I don't talk about this much," yet I had heard the story three times by that point.  Brad is really great about her history (really, I never doubted that he would be anything short of great).  And, she's got a kid, which seems to be a plus for Brad.  She gets the rose.  Duh.

The next day, Brad's therapist arrives.  Yes, his therapist from Texas.  Because they don't have telephones from LA to Texas??  Lots of profound things are said during this five minute therapy session.  Like "make a woman feel special" and "listen to her, and she'll open up."  Things that require a therapist for Brad to figure out.

And finally the rose ceremony night has come!  Emotions are high (duh again), and our dear Fangs is having some troubles.  After hearing Emily's sob sad story, she has apparently decided that this "process" is too much.  It was really unclear why exactly she left.  But, all you really need to know is that the fangs were FAKE!  So glad they didn't leave me hanging on whether those were her real teeth or not.

So, Madison leaves mid-rose ceremony in somewhat dramatic fashion.  Which leaves only two Crazies left without a rose (neither of which I had seen up to this point).  Kimberly believed Brad was "intimidated by me" therefore kicked her to the curb, and Sarah needs some waterproof mascara.  Seriously-- they sell it at CVS, it's the same price, and will keep you from looking like this:

The previews for next week look amazing (as always).  Who wants to take odds that Michelle gives herself the black eye?  Anyone?  


  1. I am so glad that we had a twitter party during the show! This season is full of so much drama!

  2. As always, such greatness!! I don't have to watch the show- I just wait for the recaps!!

    Have a great one!


  3. Oh man, Katie- that was a great recap. I must say- the waterproof mascara thing had me really bugged. Really? You didn't think you were going to cry during the Bachelor so you didn't bring waterproof mascara? Lame. And there is no way Chantal gave Michelle a black eye...she had to have given it to herself! I am sure of this...

  4. LOL I love this!! there are definitely crazies, and I totally want a normal girl to win, but I probably watch the show for the crazies! Love it!


  5. Sorry, can't stand the Bachelor (the show or the guy).

    It is kind of like watching wrestling, it is all staged and choreographed!

    moving on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>kt