Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day and Blog Award.

This morning, I was supposed to wake up to snow.  Then, it was going to start mid-morning.  Then, they said it would be here early afternoon.  Well, after being completely disappointed about the fact that I had to come to work at all, the snow has finally arrived!!  

I saw this photo on my local news page.  How cool that you can see the shapes of all the little snowflakes!!

It hasn't accumulated much here in NC yet, but it's supposed to continue overnight and through tomorrow.  Hopefully that will mean a day off for me tomorrow.  :)

Of course, if it keeps coming down in the heaps I'm seeing outside my window right now, it may be an early evening for me.  Hope the rest of my southwest and southern peeps are enjoying their winter weather!!

This weekend, Shalyn from Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt gave me this lovely award!  Her blog is one of my newly-discovered favorites.  Go check her out!  Thanks Shalyn!!

As required, seven random things about me...
  1. I love snow.  :)
  2. My favorite writing instruments are sharpies.  If I could I'd write with the fine-point permanent sharpies all the time.  But they bleed, so I switch to Sharpie pens.
  3. I'm currently watching Dawson's Creek from beginning to end (again. thanks, Neely), and I remember now how annoying Dawson is.  Pacey+Joey 4Ever.
  4. The one place in the world I want to go to more than any other is Paris.  I'm dying to see the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysses, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Musee d Orsay, Arc de Triomphe, etc.
  5. I've started reading blogs through via Google Reader, but it makes it so easy to not comment.  So, I have to be extra-diligent to comment on blogs that I'm reading and not just move to the next one.
  6. I don't like cream cheese icing.  I like plain cream cheese on a bagel, cracker, pasta dish, or whatever. But it just shouldn't be blended with sugar.  I know-- it's weird.
  7. I love to dance.  I didn't used to, even in college.  It wasn't until after law school that I "learned how."  Now, it's so much fun to go out and dance with my girlfriends.


  1. Those snowflakes are absolutely beautiful. It makes me think about what an amazing, creative God we have! Cute blog!

  2. That is an awesome picture!!

    I want to go to Paris too- um...road trip?? ;)

    I had a roommate in college that loved Dawson's Creek. I would watch it whenever we were living together. After I moved out of the apartment, I stopped watching it. I always thought Dawson was a little annoying!!


  3. I love that photo too! We get so much of it up in MN but I think I would like it more if I lived someplace where it didn't happen everyday!

    Cute blog!!


  4. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE yours! Your 101 list is fantastic! I hope you make it to Paris during that time! Paris is absolutely fantastic...everything it's made out to be =) And the new Amway Center is awesome! I loved it! Have a great day!

  5. I hope you're getting to enjoy a snow day! It seems like everyone in the country to the south and east of me - and today, even to the north - has had a snow day. We had beautiful snowflakes yesterday, but alas, not enough for a day off to enjoy it.

  6. Hi from Mingle Monday!

    That picture is awesome and I'm super jealous that you are getting snow! Not much of that happening down here in Florida. Haha.

  7. Stopping by from Mingle Monday. What a cool pic of your snowflakes. I don't think I have ever really seen them in such cute shapes. I too love sharpies, and love all the different colors them come in now. Hope you are having a great week!