Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday Crazies-- Bachelor Recap.

ps-- Yes, I know that today is Wednesday and this post is a day late, but I had some blog issues. 
I'll try to be more prompt with my Bachelor recaps in the future. :)

Holy cow, what a beginning.  Last night, our Bachelor Brad was introduced to thirty crazies ladies and we were given two slightly painful, but overall pretty great hours of television.

But first, he had to have the obligatory shirtless pushups, run along the ocean, stare into the great beyond, blah blah blah.

Cut to him being a "changed man."  If I had a dollar for every time someone said he was changed, I wouldn't have had to come to work today.  Why did he require change??  It's not like he punched a woman on TV.  He just didn't fall in love with two (not to mention the 23 others from his season who didn't get a special trip back to LA to be on tv again).  But whatevs-- he's been in therapy, worked on his daddy issues and is now determined to find a wife since the big four-oh is staring him in the face and his biological clock is ticking.

After his time on the couch with Therapist Chris Harrison, it's time to meet the crazies (seriously, I don't know if we can call them ladies).  Here are just a few:

Holly Madison, I mean Emily.  
She has a sad story and seems nice, but I see crazy lurking beneath her calm exterior.

Ashley-- the winner of the much-coveted First Impression rose. 
She actually seems likable and had one of those super-sweet southern accents.

Chantal-- the girl who slapped Brad in the face.  
Whom he then selected to move on to the next round.  What? 

Fangs-- sure, she has a name, but I don't really care what it is considering that she has REAL FANGS.  
Seriously Bachelor producers??  Was this necessary??

And Raichel-- the "manscaper."  
She didn't make the cut because Brad draws the line at waxing.  But not at FANGS??  
(Yeah, I'm not gonna get over the vampire girl...) 

What did y'all think about the first night of the "most controversial season of the Bachelor ever"?


  1. Geez, it's about time! ;-) Just kidding. But I really was wondering how it went. I don't always watch The Bachelor, but Joe's not home this season so I figure I probably will. Lol! I think Ashley just LOOKS sweet! Can't wait to watch it next week!

  2. I loved your tweets during the show about this!! :) Wow, those are interesting selections. I look forward to your recaps for the rest of the season!


  3. Thank you for the sweet comment, Katie.

    I wanted to watch The Bachelor, but I was stuck watching TV with my dad, and he wouldn't let me switch the channel. :)

    Thanks for the post though; it'll help me catch up!

  4. I have not watched it yet but this post has me so excited-ha! Fangs? Realls?