Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moving On Up.

My firm's office is on the 15th floor of our building.  We only take up a quarter of the office space our floor, but since moving here in 2006, we've been the only people on 15.  That is, until December of last year.

A few months ago, invaders from an aero-engineering company took over the other 3/4 of our floor.  Until then, we had 12 people on our floor.  Now, there's at least 75.  And they're science-y engineering freaks (sorry to you other science-y engineering folks-- you're just totally different creatures than use social science-y legal people).

I miss the days of peace and quiet on the floor.

I miss being able to walk out of my office and not have to dodge a million other people in the hallway.

And most importantly, I miss the days where I could pee without interruption.

Now, it turns out that this other company has decided they want the entire floor.  So much so that they are going to pay for us to move up to the 24th floor.  Which means that they have to pay for the building to renovate that space, to upfit it for our office needs, and for our moving costs (including closing down for a few days to move).

While I'm not super excited about what our new in-office setup upstairs will be like, I will be thrilled to get away from these crazy people.  We'll be sharing that floor with bankers, so I'm crossing my fingers that they will be quieter than our current neighbors.  Or at least that they let me pee in peace.


  1. I'm on the 5th floor of the big pink building. My area used to be quite until they moved the packaging department over here. Their coordinator has a very loud voice, and it carries. And people like standing right outside my office area and talking. It's annoying.

    Hope you get some peace and quiet soon!!

    I always have people ask me questions about projects while I'm in the restroom. I'm like, really, could this NOT wait??


  2. Doesn't it blow you away what people are willing to pay for? I find that businesses waste so much money it's insane. Can you imagine their accounting department not batting an eye while they buy you out for a few days and pay for renovation...insane.