Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer.

I read this book because I've been looking forward to seeing the movie.  And I had heard good things about Michael Connelly, although this was my first one of his books that I have read.  Let me tell you-- IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Mickey Haller is a criminal defense attorney who operates out of his Lincoln Town Car.  He is always struggling to make ends meet, but gets what should be the client of his career-- a wealthy man charged with assault and attempted rape, the "franchise client."  But, as you'd imagine, things aren't smooth sailing.  Mickey was always afraid that he wouldn't recognize true innocence when he saw it, but soon realizes there's something worse that he has failed to identify-- pure evil.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes suspenseful books-- I'd put this in the category of a "legal thriller."
This book definitely gets an A from me.  I can't wait to read more books from Michael Connelly-- and lucky for me, there are several more about Mickey Haller.  Let me know if you read it and what you think!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Katie! I have been looking for books to read and this sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely have to check this one out.