Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Shopping Finds!

This weekend, I went shopping since I have some traveling adventures coming up this spring/summer.  And I actually made some cute finds!  

Since Emily and I are going to visit the aircraft carrier in Charleston, we thought these shirts would be appropriate.  I love mine (close to Florida Gator colors!), and hers is white with blue stripes.  Hello Sailor!
Old Navy on sale rack

These are technically bermuda shorts, but they come just below my knees.  Which works well, since I hate shorts, but capris are usually too long.  

This skirt was on sale for $6 (again at Old Navy), so I grabbed it.  It's super cute, but it gets so wrinkled!  I haven't ironed since college until yesterday, and I'll have to iron it every time I wear or wash it.  But for $6, I was still a pretty good steal.

Then we hit up Express since they were having their "super-duper" sale.  The sale turned out not to be very exciting (shocker...), but I did find these beauties for cheap!  Perfect for the beach and Texas trips, not to mention just to wear in the summer.

ruffledfront dress
Express-- Purple                        Express-- Blue

And then Sunday, I went to Kohl's with my mom to use up my $10 Kohl's cash that was burning a hole in my pocket.  Express had some really cute bracelets, but at more than $20 a piece, I wasn't biting.  But, Kohl's had almost the exact same ones for only $13.  So I got these two.  With my $10 KC, only $16 for both!

All in all, a pretty successful weekend!


  1. CUTE items!! Way to find some great deals :-) I have a free dress coupon for Old Navy. It expires on the 22nd so I gotta get in to check them out-- did you by any chance spy any cute dresses at ON?

  2. I love finding great deals and you definitely did an amazing job finding the deals. Love all the items! :)

  3. Great finds! I'm not fond of my legs, so I love bermuda shorts too! ;)

  4. Cute! There is nothing better than finding a good deal. I almost never want to buy anything full price anymore. I really love those dresses; great finds all around!

  5. ooh cute!! Looks like a successful weekend!

  6. It was a shopping weekend for everyone!! I went to Kohl's and I got two dresses, some Bermuda shorts, three tanks tops, a cardigan, and a shirt all for under $40 (I had a gift card and coupon!) :) Fun stuff! I love the strapless dress, I couldn't find one that I liked this weekend.

    4 1/2 weeks until your Texas trip- WAHOO!!


  7. Great items and deals! I love the dresses and cute bracelets from Kohls!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday!

    Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

  8. Oooo...I likey those bracelets! I'm hoping to get to Kohl's tomorrow before my coupons expire!!! :)

  9. Love those Express dresses! And your Old Navy finds, they are always have some kind of awesome sale it seems!

  10. Great deals on very cute stuff! Love it!
    I'm a new follower.
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