Monday, May 16, 2011

Office Tour.

Well, we've completely moved into our new office.  I was not a fan of the yellow paint when I first saw it, but now that I have my furniture and everything in here, I like it!  I was able to rearrange the furniture so that it looks like I have more room than I did before even though I'm pretty sure my office is exactly the same size.

My desk & credenza haven't been this clean since I started work.  Ha.

Diplomas, bar license, certificates, etc.  (Not to mention all the files, etc.)

My friend Jessica painted this for me.  Isn't it gorgeous!

Our whole office is set up SO differently than before.  It's not the ideal situation for me, but I don't hate it.  The worst part is that my work BFF Amanda is across the way instead of right next door.  Thank google for gchat!

The best part about moving is that it is a great chance to throw things away and get re-organized.  So that's what I've been doing Friday and today.  And, as you can see from the pics, I'm almost done!  It's back to real work tomorrow.  But the AWESOME part is that it's a short week for me.  :)

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Looks good! We re-did our offices a couple of years ago and I ended up having to move my office not once, but twice! I had to leave my old office because they were putting down carpet...move to another office so I could continue to work...and then move to my current office! That was a MESS! It only affected me because as it turned out they did the carpet the week of Thanksgiving & I was the only one working in my building!

    Glad you are close to being settled...very jealous of your short work week...and your upcoming trip! :)

  2. your office is awesome! you are such a grown up..I have never heard anyone use the word 'credenza' before!

  3. Awe, thank you for the comment. Haha, I'm definitely going to try and live up my last summer of freedom as much as possible. Did you enjoy going to law school though? I'm truly excited about it.

    Your office looks amazing! I think everything fits in real well with it.

  4. Change is good- love the yellow! Your office is just so nice!

  5. It looks great! I need someone to organize my office! Ha

  6. I just read your comment on Simply Smithwick about Pioneer Woman's pasta - I felt the same way! With all her pasta recipes, I add things like basil, Italian seasoning, red pepper, baby portabellos sauteed in white wine, extra sauteed onion, garlic. I feel like the recipes have a really good base... they just need "oomph"! You could try them again with those additions.

  7. Your office looks great. Very lawyerly. And it's great that you took this opportunity to clean out. It's a great feeling!

  8. It looks so professional!!