Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Photo Dump.

I have over 800 pictures on my phone (yes, 'tis true-- I take lots of pictures).  So, I thought I'd share some of my more recent snaps with y'all.  


The view from our balcony.  It was heavenly.

While there, Emily and I went to a bar, and the owner let his dog run around.  While pretty bizarre, he was a sweet dog that wanted everybody to play soccer with him.

The curtains in the condo were not blackout curtains but white sheers.  So, we had to go to Target and pick up some sleep masks so as not to be awakened at 5am with the sun.

This was for Emily-- she's quite the ketchup addict.


The view out my window heading to Texas.

When I got back to RDU, this guy was hanging out in the baggage claim.  First, he was doing pushups on the floor.  Then I was able to snap a pic of his high-kicks.  After this, he started jogging in place.  All at 11:15pm. True story.


This guy was doing work in our offices.  His shirt reads, "My tool lasts longer than your tool."  Klassy -- with a K.

This is me every day in my igloo of an office.  It's 95+ degrees outside, and I'm having to thaw out my toes with my space heater.  

These two pics were from last week-- John Edwards was in town to appear on his federal indictment.  There were at least 25 news crews and two helicopters around all day.  This pic is the parking lot across from my building.

And this is taken from my office of the crowd after the mini-press conference had already started to disperse. Total craziness in town that day.


I see a lot of weird and sometimes hilarious things.  And my friends always make fun of me because I take pictures of said weirdness.  But sometimes it works out because then I can put it all on my blog.  :)

Anybody notice a problem here?

This bear is 53" inches tall (which is almost as tall as me...).  Some dude was purchasing him at Costco and yes, required this flatbed to carry it around.

I love high heels as much as the next girl.  Probably more than most, actually.  But, is this really necessary??

I want this vehicle.  It was in my parking deck at work, and I seriously contemplated hotwiring it.  If only I knew how...

My Maggie girl.  I love this face.  :)

So, I realized while doing this that I never did a full Texas visit recap!  I'll have to make that happen for next week.  :)  Hope y'all have a FANTASTIC weekend!!


  1. Ooooo...I wanna 70's vintage Bronco too!!! Someone near us had a red one for sale...if I thought I could've sold my car quick I would've had that bad boy!!!

  2. My favorite about the high kick guy is that you were watching him w/your feet up. That would totally be me, too.

  3. OMG, the guy in the baggage claim doing high kicks is hilarious. And what's wrong with the shorts??? Can't figure it out!!! And that tape dispenser seems extremely necessary.

  4. Love the handyman's shirt and the ketchup tee. Oh and I totally think you should have taken that truck/convertable...sweet ride for sure!

  5. Seeing that man at the airport would have cracked me up! I can somewhat understand pushups if you are trying to workout but high kicks? HA!