Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Sick of Bentley.

I hadn't gotten more than three minutes into the Bachelorette, and already I had heard the name "Bentley" three times.  Ugh!!!  I wish at some point the producers would show her the footage so she can get over this idiot.  Or at least edit the footage that WE have to see so that we're not constantly hearing it.  Sigh...

This week, they're in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  And we get our first, "if you can't fall in love here, you are damaged goods" of the season.  Because that's really all it takes to fall in love-- a pretty backdrop.  Ames, who should work for the Thailand tourism board, goes on about how it's the perfect place to fall in love-- "It's famous for having for thousands of monks in saffron robes wandering around."  Ummm... romantic?

Onto the dates!  This week, Chris tells us that there will be a one-on-one date, a group date, and... dun dun dun... the beloved dreaded two-on-one date!!

One on One-- Ashley selects Rafael Nadal, I mean Ben F., for the individual date this week.  They wander around the city and end up in front of a temple where they're not allowed to kiss.  So, they just talk about how hard it is NOT to kiss and instead have a "mental kiss."  Well, folks, there's an easy solution to your problem-- get up and walk somewhere else!!  Obviously it wasn't that difficult if you didn't feel the need to go somewhere else so you could make it happen.  At dinner they have a nice chat and actually do get to kiss.  Ben gets the rose.

Group Date-- Ashley wants to "find the masculinity in these guys." And yet, Ames is on this date...  (Sidenote-- Ames is REALLY starting to annoy me.  He's much to chatty and analytical in his interviews.  And he pronounces "process" as "proh-cess."  Unacceptable.)  They guys all suit up to fight and leave Ames with the pink shorts (which, let's be honest, is fairly appropriate).

This fighting is no joke.  Ashley thought it would be fun, not "bloody."  Hasn't she seen Fight Club??  Anytime people are getting punched in the face, there's a good chance of injuries.  And to prove the point, Ames gets his bell rung during the fight.  He has to go to the hospital in an ambulance.  At this time, I noticed that Ashley did not volunteer to go with him to the hospital.  Not to worry-- he's back for the post-date cocktail party.  Oh, it's only a minor concussion that causes him to be dizzy and not be able to put his thoughts into words.

Ashley chats it up with Lucas, who gives her a golf lesson and says Bentley is her type, and Blake, who needs some "positive reinforcment" and gets it in the form of the rose.

Two-on-One-- Oh, William.  He went from cute to cra-zay in 6.2 seconds.  Well, I guess really two weeks.  I had such high hopes for him after his one on one date with Ashley.  But then the night of the roast, it started to go downhill.  And tonight, it was just a complete disaster.  Quote of the day comes from William-- "I can be every kind of extreme.  I can be the most romantic guy in the room, I can be the funniest guy in the room, I can be the biggest dick in the room."  Well, isn't that what every woman wants?

William tells Ashley that Ben has been talking about online dating when he got home.  And, that's pretty much all it takes for her to quickly kick Ben to the raft of rejection.  No explanations, no nothing. Ben's out.  I guess William was right-- at least about 1/3 of his self-description...  Ashley looked beyond uncomfortable at dinner with William.  He's a self-professed "30 year old boy" who doesn't want to grow up, and Ashley is "looking for a man."  Well, duh.  So, he's out of there.  And in very dramatic fashion-- "I just want to curl up in bed, you know, and not wake up."  Calm down, dude.  She's a girl.  Not the last girl on earth.

Rose Ceremony-- Ashley cannot stop thinking/talking about Bentley.  She talks to some of the guys but cannot get past Bentley.  Ugh.  She says to Chris, "I need to figure out a way how I can close this Bentley thing off."  Well, I can think of one way-- they could freakin' show her what a jerk he is.  But no, that would be too easy.  Chris, as always, issues wise words.  "It's not fair to these guys... You can't have your foot half in the pool and half not.  It's just not going to work."  So true.  But at the same time, she has no idea what a creep Bentley is, so of course she's still pining for him.  Chris tells her he'll try to work something out so she can get her closure, but she needs to start the ceremony.  Roses get handed out to all except Nick.

And we realize once again, that Bachelorette producers are sneaky.  The Bentley reunion we were teased last week did not happen this episode.  But it will happen NEXT week when the group heads to Hong Kong.  I'm on the edge of my seat...


  1. I love that you referred to Ben as Rafael Nadal- I thought the very same thing! And seriously, the Bentley thing needs to stop. I wonder if she feels like a complete moron watching this back. I am following your blog now- can't wait to read more recaps!

  2. I don't understand why the other guys haven't told her what a creep Bentley is. Because you KNOW they all knew that he was just playing her. I can already tell that next week is going to be a complete train wreck. I'm tired of the whole Bentley thing...and I'm not 100% sure Ashley was ready to do the Bachelorette. She's not handling it very well.

  3. I'm totally sick of hearing about Bentley and I'm also pissed at the producers for not telling her. Instead, they pay for the jackhole to go to Hong Kong for publicity. Lame.
    Also, how do you think her now fiance feels about hearing how she feels like Bentley is it, and really none of the other guys can get him out of her head? I'd be royally annoyed/upset/pissed if I was the guy engaged to her now.
    And, really, Ashley needs to listen to her friend. It's not like she didn't get a heads up about him. In that regard, she's an idiot. I don't blame the guys for turning on her (as it seems in the previews) next week.

  4. DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE!!!! Bentley sucks. I really feel bad for Ashely b/c she looks so stupid in all of this. Ugh.

  5. I cant even stomach this season...your recaps are all I need :)

  6. I love your recaps! I feel the same way you do about Ames! Still rooting for JP :)

  7. I love your recap!! I was ready for Bentley to come back, you know it was a boring episode if the producers couldn't find anything interesting enough in the 2 hour show to put in the preview so they had to jump ahead a week!