Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tunes.

Today's tunes are some of my all-time favorites-- some of the greatest songs ever recorded.  I went through a phase in college where I didn't like much music that was recorded after 1990 (I was much more musically discerning then than I am now.  Ha.) and would listen to these songs over and over and over.  They never get old.  

(love the piano coming down from the ceiling!)

This song has been way overdone recently.  But the ORIGINAL never gets old.  ps-- Steve Perry's shirt in this video is smokin hot...


  1. Love the first two, cant stand dont stop believing!

  2. Dream on is one of my favorite songs on this earth! And Journey is my favorite band! Love your taste:-)

  3. Anytime I hear a Who song now, I think I'm about to see one of the CSIs!! ;) I do like all three of those (OMG- we are agreeing on music!!)


  4. I mean, how can you NOT sing when you hear "Don't Stop Believin'"? CLASSIC!!!