Friday, July 1, 2011

Mid-Year Status Report.

Holy cow, it's July.  The year is halfway over!  How did that happen??

2011 began with a night out with Emily and April.  I always have fun with these two, but that night was particularly delightful.

January also began a new season of the Bachelor!!  You can read all my thoughts on it here, if you so desire.  It was a pretty exciting season with Crazy Eyes Michelle.

I also discovered Gladys on The Ellen Show.  Check it-- I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little.

I set out to watch all ten Oscar Best Picture nominees.

In February, I managed to watch all the remaining Oscar movies.  Loved some, hated some.  (And I still believe Andrew Garfield was robbed of his Supporting Actor nomination.)

It was also the UNC-Duke game, aka the greatest sporting event of the year.

And my friend Rebekah and I celebrated our Christmas-time birthdays with a weekend in Charlotte.

March was my one year blogiversary!  I hit 100 followers and therefore hosted my first giveaway.

I also bought my very own lawnmower and planned my spring vacations to the beach and to Dallas.

March brought basketball season to a close for my boys, but they had a fantastic season.

North Carolina Duke

In April, I discussed my top five music memories and revealed my love for Marshall Erickson.

I also bared my naked face to the world and reminded myself why I love living alone.  

April was also April's birthday!  And the royal wedding, which reminded us all that people will buy anything.  

May brought Mother's Day, which I spent with my mom, grandmother, and aunt.

It also brought my first Tuesday Tunes post with two of my fave songs of the spring.  

The Bachelorette (which technically started in May), got into high gear in June with some real crazies.  And some nice guys, but mostly weirdos.  

June always means lots of baseball.  

Oh, and I went shopping.  

And that brings us to July!


  1. Sounds like the first half of your year has been fun - here's to hoping the second half is too! I'm happy to see that you bought the ring from your earlier post; love it!

  2. It sounds to me like you've had a pretty awesome first half to 2011! Keep it rollin'! LOVE that ring!

  3. What a cute post! Sounds like 2011 has been a good year to you.. oh and you met ME! :)

  4. Cute idea. We should all do status reports to keep ourselves i check and review our accomplishments and happenings. Happy Fourth of July!!

  5. I am so happy that I have been a follower for all of this- yay! Love the idea!

  6. I love the recap!! I'm hoping the second half of 2011 has another trip to Texas in it!!


  7. I'm with Rachel, except my second half has me coming to NC!

    Great recap!