Thursday, July 28, 2011

My List.

I've never really had a "list" of qualities my husband had to have other than he must love Jesus, make me laugh, and tolerate my sports obsession.  That's all.  I'm really not a complicated or demanding girl.  I don't need him to be 6'4" or a surgeon or have a trust fund.  But I really am going to need the man I marry to do these things (in no particular order):

Kiss me in public

Travel with me to other states just to watch a sporting event

Really want to hear my opinion

Make fun of movies with me when they are stupid

Take me to Paris

Tell me he misses me when we're apart

Vacuum the house because he knows it's my most hated chore

Listen to me and remember things I say

Give me control of the remote sometimes

Change me for the better

Be super silly with me

Calm me down and make me laugh when I get riled up over stupid stuff

Microwave chicken noodle soup for me when I'm sick

Tolerate my own personal brand of crazy

Write me love letters/notes

Kill the bugs that freak me out

Be passionate about me and protective of us

Make me feel special and loved in a million little ways

Is this really too much to ask?  I don't think so.


  1. I don't think it is too much to ask for either!!

    I will pray for both of us that we will find whoever God has for us soon and that we will continue to be patient and that we will allow God to be enough in our lives.

  2. I dont think its too much at all!

  3. I love this list!! God has our guys picked out, he's just preparing them for us!!


  4. I think it is PERFECT! I hope you get this and much, much more!

  5. I made a list in college and ended up with 250 qualities...ridiculous!

  6. microwaved chicken noodle soup? forget that!....

    (i'll actually cook it on the stove! just don't expect me to make it from scratch. we're done then! lol j/k)

  7. Hardly too much to ask. But I would spring for him making homemade chicken soup - microwaving is way letting him off the hook. haha!

  8. Not too much to ask at all! I love these qualities :) Especially traveling to other states for sporting events. How much fun would that be?!

  9. I think it's a totally great list. Not asking too much. I hope you find him :).

  10. Love this list! Mine is nearly identical, but in place of vacuuming the house I'd ask him to clean the bathroom. I hate that chore, lol.

    Very sweet post!