Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tell the World that I'm Coming Home.

This week is hometown date week for our Bachelorette!  First stop: Constantine’s hometown of Cumming, GA.

“Constantine was one of my favorite guys from the beginning. There’s something about Constantine that is so sexy.  There’s a real sweetness about him.  The date with Constantine in Taiwan was probably the first indication that we could actually have something... He is the total package for me.”

Constantine’s family is Greek, yet they own an Italian restaurant.  A lot of people thought this was weird.  But I’m from a city with a big Greek community, and I swear that at least 75% of the (non-chain) restaurants here are owned by Greeks, regardless of what kind of food they serve.  (Side note: If you’ve never eaten Greek food, you absolutely must.  It’s DE- LI-CIOUS.)

Constantine and Ashley arrive at his parents’ house.  In attendance is Dimitri (father), Elleni (mother), and Maria (sister).  Dimitri is so stinkin’ cute– he may be my favorite person we’ve encountered on this season of the Bachelorette.  If I was Ashley, I might pick Constantine just because of Dimitri.

Elleni pulls Ashley aside for a “Mama Question,” which is will Ashley move to Georgia for Constantine.  Ashley says of course she will.  So, Mama is happy that Ashley will “enhance [her] son’s life” by moving for him. Dimitri really likes Ashley, but tells Constantine not to rush it-- “Love takes time.”

And finally, the crowd of people I’ve been waiting for rushes in– the Greeks have arrived!!  I thought there was no way that Ashley could come to a Greek family and only meet three people.  Ha!

Constantine is officially my favorite.

Next Stop: Chadds Ford, PA with Ames.

“Ames is one of the most unique guys I’ve ever met... He has no idea just how unique he is.  I’ve never met anyone like Ames.”

In attendance at this family gathering is Serena and Randy (sister and brother in law), Jane (mother), Jim and Tracy (brother and sister in law), and some kids.

Jane tells us, “I think he’s very taken.”  A ringing endorsement if ever I've heard one.  But don't worry--Serena decides to get down to business with Ashley, who continues her refrain of “Ames is unique.”  Serena agrees that Ames is an onion.

Ames chats with his mom, who has known Ashley for all of 15 minutes yet already knows that Ashley has “tremendous character.”

Ashley's problem: “I’m still missing that spark between us.”  Danger, Will Robinson...

After his conversation with Serena, Ames decides he needs to be romantic.  So he takes Ashley to his favorite tree.  HIS FAVORITE TREE.  What in the world...  It's a little awkward, and it's pretty obvious to us all (except Ames) that, barring some disaster with Ben or JP, his time with Ashley is rapidly approaching an end.

(ps--Am I the only one who would swear that Ames is gay if they saw him out on the street??  Because I definitely get a very feminine vibe from him.)

Then onto to Sonoma, CA with Ben.

“I just love everything about Ben.  Ben is a real guy– no question.  Just physically so attractive to me.  I love that long hair, his build is great.  Just a man... Everything about him screams sexiness to me.”  

Let's be real though, after a day with Ames, it really wouldn’t take much to scream sexiness in comparison...

They go to Ben’s winery to taste wines then to his house... where they sit on the porch... on a blanket.  Where is the furniture on these dates???

Then he takes her to meet his mom and sister, who apparently have only met one other girl of Ben's before Ashley.  Ben also tells his sister that it’s been more than six years since he’s cared about someone like he cares about Ashley.  I completely respect this about Ben.

Ben’s mom and sister are so great.  Ashley asks if Ben had long hair when he was young.  Mom says, “Of course not– I still had my power over him.”  Ha!  Then mom pulls out the childhood photos.  Score!  And, there’s a lot of serious talk between Ben and his mom about his father, who passed away.  Sad.

Constantine has some major competition from Ben in the “my favorite” category.
The last, and certainly not least, stop for Ashley is Roslyn, NJ, where JP is anxiously awaiting her arrival. 

"But then there’s JP... I feel like I’ve known JP forever.  I’m so comfortable around JP. I feel secure; I feel relaxed.  I feel like I don’t have a care in the world.  I feel like I can do anything with him– I can be playful, I can be serious, I can be emotional, and he would be accepting of that.  With JP, everything is there– both physical and emotional.”

rollerskating reospeedwagon ashley jp bachelorette 350x259 Bachelorette Recap Party  Episode 8: Sometimes Your Bar Mitzvah Photo Looks Like A BOP Magazine Cover

He takes her roller skating (with “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” playing over the PA system no less) and it’s like 7th grade all over again.  So cute and yet a little weird...  Wine in paper cups?  Classy.

JP takes Ashley home to meet Eileen (mom), Peter (dad), and Roy and Andrea (brother and his girlfriend).  His last relationship apparently ended horribly, so his family is naturally concerned about him.  His mom (a very wise woman) gets right to the point with Ashley.  “JP has only you to think about.  But you’ve had all these other men to think about.  How do you do that?  How do you pick people?” Ashley tries to reassure Eileen that JP is special.  Eileen loves that Ashley has given JP his smile back.  Aww...  Then she whips out a pic of JP with a mullet from back in the day.  Hi-larious.

Rose Ceremony-- I do not generally think Ashley is a gorgeous woman, but she looked fantastic at that rose ceremony.  I loved, loved, loved her dress!

(Thank you, Possessionista, for telling me where I can find it!  Even though I’m not gonna buy it after learning it’s $129...)

Ames is the one left standing rose-less when all the roses are gone.  Hallelujah.  Even in his exit interview, he's so bizarre.

Next stop on this international romance adventure: FIJI!!  And a surprise visitor (dun dun dun...).  Any guesses who it is??  (Don't tell me if you actually KNOW who it is.)


  1. Great recap! I do think Ames has gay tendencies! My faves are JP and Constantine! Love them both!!! I'm not a fan of her but I hope it works out with whoever she chooses. There isn't a high success rate so I'm always curious to see what will happen.

  2. I do think Ames could easily be perceived as gay, but I think he is a total cutie! My pick is definitely JP, with Constantine as a close second.

  3. Okay, so I must be the only person who doesn't watch this. But yes, Greek food (and Mediterranean food in general) is amazing. I actually prefer Lebanese food (maybe it's because my husband is half Lebanese) because it's all of the fresh, healthy stuff.

  4. YESSSSSSSS- My favorite recap yet. You are so funny. I have not watched this yet but seriously cringe whenever Ames is on the screen. And I personally think Brad is coming back since he and Emily broke up but who knows!