Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Football Season is Coming.

Football season is rapidly approaching, and this girl could not be more excited.  There is nothing I love more in the fall than spending Saturdays either at football games or at home with ESPN Gameday going all day.

My fave team is of course my alma mater, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

Chapel Hill is my favorite place in the world, and being there on gamedays are even more exciting for me.  An hour before the game, the team does the "Well Walk" from the Old Well through campus to get to Kenan Stadium (which is literally smack in the middle of the UNC campus).

The marching band then leads the crowd behind the team to the stadium.  This is my favorite part-- it's amazing.  (Yes, I was a band geek in college.)

And then we land in Kenan Stadium!

Two years ago, I had season tickets.  But ticket prices have gone WAAAAAY up, so I don't have them any more.  :(  But, I just got my tickets yesterday for the season opener on September 3.  I'm so stoked!!

Oh, and this post would not be complete without mentioning my second favorite football team-- the Florida Gators.  Fortunately for me, UNC and Florida never collide, so there's no conflict.  :)

Gator hat courtesy of my dear friend Emily for my birthday last year.  Lol.


  1. I LOVE college football. I unfortunately didn't go to a big football school...we were D1 but the school actually cut the program the year after I graduated! I'm a big UT fan though =)

  2. I CAN.NOT wait for football season!!!! =D I love that the band leads the crowd to the stadium. I bet that is awesome - especially if you're in the band! I have no issues being an OU and UNC fan for the exact same reason - the two will NEVER collide. Haha! Here's to a great football season!

  3. Games are so much fun! I had a friend growing up who loved the Tarheels! Love your gator hat!

  4. YAY for college football! So fun!

  5. OMG- I LOVE the hat!!

    I'm excited about college football too- I sometimes like it more than the NFL (shhhh, don't tell anyone).

    I need you closer, I need another girl who likes football.


  6. Go Tigers! (Clemson, that is!) My boyfriend is a huge NC State fan so he wouldn't like this post too much :) But I did go to the UNC/CU game in Chapel Hill last year & had a blast!

  7. I'm not a UNC fan when it comes to football, but I sure do love my UNC basketball! GO TAR HEELS!

  8. I have a confession - I don't really follow football at all, but I LOVE everything that football season brings (cold weather, friend get-togethers, etc). I always feel like I missed something by not being a part of the Southern Football community; ya'll always look like you're having so much fun!

  9. oooh pretty color :) I love that gator hat, hilarious!

  10. I love going to football games- the excitement in the air is so thrilling!

  11. Ohhh I won't show this to my husband. He's a die-hard Blue Devil!! haha

    Thanks for linking up!