Friday, September 9, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Boob Tube Babble

Fall brings so many wonderful things to the world-- cooler temperatures, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, football... But perhaps the best thing it brings is new tv episodes!!!!!

I found this handy dandy schedule on and thought I'd share. Just click on it to make it full-size.

(via TV Line)

New shows I'm looking forward to:  

Pan Am

Hart of Dixie

New Girl
(Even though I am generally not a fan of FOX's comedies, 
I'm curious about this one)

And my fave shows that I'm beyond excited to see again:

Parks & Rec

How I Met Your Mother

Modern Family

Happy Endings

What other new shows are y'all excited to see?


  1. I love all those shows too! And I can't wait for PamAm or New Girl either! I was so excited to see another Happy Endings fan!

  2. Super excited for Parks & Rec & Modern Family! Also excited for the premiere of New Girl!!

    Never heard of the new Rachel Bilson show...I'll have to go google it.

  3. I'm interested in Hart of Dixie. I love Rachel Bilson, so I think it will be good. I'm also wanting to see the new show Revenge. Looks good. I'm ready for the new season to start!

  4. I blogged about new shows coming up too :) I'm very excited for New Girl and I can't wait to see Pan Am

  5. I'm interested to see Pan Am. Not sure what the plot line is going to be, because all of the promos seem the same.

    I'm also excited about Suburgatory. I hadn't heard of Hart of Dixie.

    Thanks for the schedule. That's handy!

  6. I totally want to watch Hart of Dixie! And this schedule is so awesome.. thanks for sharing :)