Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins, Sunrises, and Airplanes.

I cannot believe it's been over two weeks since I last posted!  I think things are starting to calm down at work (or maybe the chaos is just becoming normal to me).  So, more regular posting should be around the corner.  

Since I last updated y'all, I've been up to all sorts of things.  Two weeks ago, my girls and I got together for a fall fest with pumpkin carving!   

April, me, Sarah, Kacey, Pirate Emily, and Ashlee

We had all sorts of delicious items!  I made this Pumpkin Fluff, which was AMAZING.  Seriously, y'all should make it.  It's quick & easy, can be made sugarless, and is heavenly.

Recipe and photo from here

Then we got down to the main event of the evening-- pumpkin carving.  My pumpkin is the baby one.  

I decided that I didn't want to get dirty cleaning out my pumpkin (yes, apparently I am that girl), so I painted mine.  Given my horrible crafting/art skills, I was pretty pleased at how my pumpkin turned out!  It was a super fun night (even though I missed almost the entire ALCS game that night-- boo).

Also, I finally found an apothecary jar for the dried rose petals from the flowers Donny sent me almost two months ago.  I had looked everywhere for one that I liked and finally found this one at probably the fourth Michael's I went to.  Love it.

And that brings us up to last week.  Thursday I left my office at 1pm, and I was off Friday, yet I still worked a 40 hour work week.  It was crazy busy.  This was my view when I got into work before 7am last Thursday. I got to watch the sunrise, and it was awesome.  

Thursday evening, I was on my way to Dallas to spend the weekend with Donny! 

To be continued...


  1. holy cow. holy cow. holy cow. I want that pumpkin fluff yum

  2. your pumpkin is cute! And w/paint it won't get gross before Halloween.

  3. I love the pumpkins! Can't wait to read about your weekend in Dallas ;)

  4. The pumpkin carving looks like fun! & I'm looking forward to hearing about your weekend!! :D

    -Many Smiles!

  5. That is my kind of pumpkin decorating!! The one time I carved a pumpkin (yes, once), it was absolutely horrible and I'm not looking to repeat that experience lol. Great idea for the rose petals, too! Can't wait to hear more!

  6. That pumpkin fluff looks so good, definitely going to try that one!

    I never like keeping died flowers because I never know what to do with them but that idea is so perfect! Thanks girl!