Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Recap and Random Updates.

I'm taking a much needed break from work to write this post and update you guys.  There really hasn't been much excitement going on-- just hours and hours of work (much of which should not be mine).  But, I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, so on to happier things!

I actually had a great weekend.  Friday night, my mom, grandma, aunt, and I all went out to dinner together. We hardly ever do that, and it was so nice to hang out with them.  My grandma and aunt hadn't been in my house since I moved in over two years ago, so they came by to see all I've done to the place (new paint, furniture, decor, etc).  

Then, later that night, I went out with my girls April and Emily.  It was a MUCH needed night to let loose a little and forget about all my stress.  No pictures were taken, so this one of the three of us from NYE will have to do.  I love these girls so much!

And, the lovely April owns Newsies on DVD, so of course we had to watch it at 3am.  

 My fave line of the movie-- "Never fear, Brooklyn is here!"

Then on Saturday, my co-worker Al got married.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I had never been to a Catholic ceremony before, so it was a little longer than I had anticipated.  But gorgeous nonetheless.  The Al and his new wife, Chrissy, were so happy.  It was so cute to see.

Their colors were navy blue and a bright green.  Gorgeous combo.

Love the centerpieces!!  So creative to do some with the apples and some with flowers.  The whole thing was pulled together beautifully.

The happy couple!

As most of you are probably aware, my beloved Yankees lost in the ALDS last week.  However, Donny's Rangers won.  So, I'm being a good girlfriend and cheering on his team.  Even though I'm still kind of sad about my guys.

Speaking of Donny...  I'll spare y'all the sappy details, but he's amazing.  These last few weeks have been so stressful and frustrating.  So, while I'm sure that I have been woefully short of delightful, he's been nothing but fantastic.  :)

Nine more days...


  1. I haven't seen Newsies before. I need to put it in my Netflix queue.

    He is so cute!! :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! Hope you have a much better work week!!

  3. Oooh I love those colors for a wedding and the centerpieces. I think you pull off the Rangers shirt quite nicely :)

  4. I wondered about how you're faring with all of your crazy work. I'm glad to see you took some time to have fun and relax! And I love the navy and bright green!

  5. Love the wedding colors! They are so different but beautiful together! Hope work gets better!

    So sad for our Yankees but glad you can cheer for your bf's team! :)

  6. I'm not a Rangers fan, but I do like Texas teams!

  7. What a beautiful wedding, indeed. Glad you had fun. And way to be supportive of your boy's team :)

  8. omg I love love love the newsies!!!