Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy, Busy Bee.

I feel like I've started my last few blog posts with some kind of busy-ness disclaimer.  Well, today is no different.  Last week, I had something to do every single night after work and every day of the weekend.  And this week is no different.  I haven't had an evening/day to myself in a long time, and it's starting to get to me.

Last Thursday, my dad and I went to see the Munich Symphony Orchestra (with the Gloriae Dei Cantores choir) perform Mozart's Requiem.  It was pretty incredible.  I wasn't all that familiar with the piece before, but I've always loved Mozart.  And this performance did not disappoint.

One of my best friends, Amanda, got engaged a few weeks ago.  She asked me to be her Maid of Honor, and I'm so excited to do it.  We've been in wedding planning mode now for two weeks, and let me tell you--  it is not all fun and games like it's cracked up to be.  We've spent hours online trying to find a good wedding venue (outdoors, can hold 150+ people, preferably in the mountains with a pretty view, etc.).  Then we got up bright and early Saturday morning to head to the mountains to look at some places.

The temperature when we headed out.  Brrrr cold.

Headed out to the middle of nowhere. 

Quick photo op with the elk in Banner Elk, NC

Ultimately, our trip was unsuccessful.  We went to four places, and she didn't like any of them.  I don't blame her-- none were all that great.  We did learn some very important lessons though, so it wasn't entirely unproductive.  

Sunday, I went to see J. Edgar.  And I must say that I was pretty disappointed.  There wasn't much plot, it jumped around a lot (which doesn't usually bother me, but this felt really abrupt), and it just wasn't all that great.  Leo did a great job as Hoover, and Armie Hammer was fantastic.  It was just that the story wasn't good.  

In sporting news from the weekend, my Tar Heels beat Michigan State on the "Carrier Classic"-- a basketball game on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson.  It was pretty cool to watch, and not just because my Heels won.  :)

And the Broncos won this week thanks to Tim Tebow.  Again.  

All in all, it was a pretty good week-- just a jam-packed one.  This weekend, I'm definitely taking some me-time.  


  1. I thought of you when they were talking about that NC game on that ship! Glad they won! :)

    I heard J. Edgar wasn't that good, I will probably wait for it to come to a Red Box near me to watch it. Don't feel like wasting $9 on it!

    I love the picture of you with the elk!!


  2. I enjoyed watching the "Carrier Classic" It was so cool!!!! Very pretty when they showed the sunset and the sky. It was enjoyable to watch

    I LOVE Tim Tebow, he is one of my favorite QB's

  3. Send some of that weather to me!!!

    AND! I love the Mozart Requiem. I have sung in it with the Houston Symphony before. It's such an amazing piece.

  4. Wow, you have been busy! Cute picture of you with the elk! :)

  5. what a neat idea for a basketball game. It looks like you've have a good time, but I agree, too busy is just too much. I hope your life calms down soon! and I'm MOH in my sister's wedding, so I can appreciate the planning. And you're way more involved than I am!

  6. Aww fun to be a MOH! I've never even been in a wedding :(