Friday, November 4, 2011

Final Cuts.

Boob Tube Babble

The first week of November has arrived, which means that I have had plenty of time to survey my television watching schedule and give new (and old) shows a chance to wow me.

I had to make some pretty serious cuts this year because my DVR was getting out of control.  Even shows that I kinda liked had to go.  My criteria this year was if I was forcing myself to watch it just to clean off my DVR, it was gone.  Shows that didn't make the cut are:

Pan Am-- I actually really liked the episodes I saw of this show, but I never got hooked.

Desperate Housewives-- I started to watch DH two years ago when they all came on Lifetime, so I watched the first several seasons in rapid fashion.  Last year was the first season I watched when it came on, and I hated it.  I couldn't tell if it was because I watched week to week or because it was just really bad.  But this year, I think it's just bad.  So, DH is gone.

Chuck-- This one makes me really sad because I have watched and loved this
show since the beginning.  But even towards the end of last season, I was only
watching out of obligation.  So, it's gone this year.

Law & Order: SVU-- The straw that broke this camel's back was the
ridiculous amount of last-minute shootings, stabbings, or other slayings on almost every
single episode last year.  Plus no Stabler?  Bye bye, SVU.

Up All Night-- Made it through two episodes before this show was gone.
I was pretty sad that I didn't love it because Will Arnett is a comedic genius.
It just never clicked with me.

Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, New Girl and Hart of Dixie were on the bubble, but they managed to stay on my to-record list.  Private Practice just barely squeaked by due to the fact that I love Kate Walsh-- otherwise, I find the show a little painful to watch.  Hart of Dixie is still on the bubble, but it has such a great cast that I'm having trouble cutting it even though I don't really love it.

I actually didn't pick up many new shows this year at all.  The only ones that have stuck are New Girl, Hart of Dixie, and Last Man Standing.  It's nice to have my DVR not overflowing with stuff that I don't really want to watch.  


  1. i already stopped watching: pan am, new girl because i just didn't LOVE them. i enjoy hart of dixie and last man standing too :)

    i gave DH up last season and Grey's has been gone for a long time for me lol

    happy weekend!

  2. Aw :( I love Pan Am, Up All Night and New Girl! They are so good!

  3. I'm not a real big fan of Heart of Dixie either. I need to talk myself into cutting it off the DVR.

  4. If I could convince my husband of ONE THING I want more than anything it would be a DVR- man those things come in handy! I am with you on getting rid of Up All Night and Law and Order- both have been disappointing:-(

  5. Oh I really like Up All Night. I look forward to Wednesday nights for that, suburgatory, and a few other shows.