Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Okay.

Its Ok Thursdays

... to be super excited to go to court in another county because it means I'm not in my office.  Even though I have a ton of stuff to do.

... to take 437 things into a dressing room and then decide not to buy any because I really shouldn't spend the money, thereby allowing the sales people earn their paycheck and put it all back.

... to really want to see the movie Like Crazy even though I know it will make me bawl like a baby.

... to constantly check airfare so I can go back to Dallas even though I already have a trip planned for a few weeks from now.

... to be starting to get bored with wedding planning for my friend Amanda after only two weeks.

... to really love the song "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri but to be slightly pissed off that it's from a Twilight movie, which kind of ruins it for me.


  1. Ah, I remember the days of always checking Southwest's airfare and going back and forth from Dallas every weekend. That was fun. :)

  2. So glad I'm not the only non Twilight fan out there. And I hear you on wedding planning - it's a lot. However, I imagine after the first big push of scheduling big stuff it calms down. When I worked I adored the days of being out of the office, regardless of workload!

  3. I have to giggle a little that you love a song on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack (sorry!) :)

    I also take a lot of things into the dressing room and end up buying nothing. You at least hang it up and put it on the return rack inside the dressing room, right??


  4. At least it isn't your wedding! You are allowed to take a break!

  5. I'd never heard of Like Crazy before, but now I want to see it too! It looks good. And, I am with you on all things anti-Twilight. I somehow got roped into seeing it this Sunday, and it's going to take all my effort not to crack up a billion times.

  6. Hey im one of those sales people that have to put those clothes back. After dealing with angry people all day the last thing I wanna do is put up clothes.