Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Name That Blog!

For a while now, I've been thinking about re-naming my blog.  But, I am not AT ALL creative (hence the oh so clever name that I have now).

So, since y'all read my blog regularly and know what I talk about, I thought I'd open it up for suggestions!

And in case you're new to the blog and still would like to help a girl out, here's a little about me:  I'm a Christ follower, lawyer, North Carolinian, and UNC Chapel Hill alum (Go Heels!).  I'm short, have curly hair, love makeup, sports, and television.  There's obviously lots more to me, and if you want to read more, start here!

I can't tell you guys how grateful I will be for your help.  And to say thank you, I will be offering a $10 gift card of your choice between Starbucks, Target, and Sephora to be randomly drawn among all those commenting with a suggestion between now and Saturday, December 17 at 11:59pm.

Thank you all in advance!  I can't wait to see what you come up with.  :)


  1. Hmm. Katie's Law?
    Katie's Swing at the Law( for a play on your love of sports/baseball? )

  2. Hmmm, let's see... The Legal Life of Katie?

  3. Oh shoot-I was just about to say Katie's Law!
    or do you watch HIMYM? Your title could simply be "Lawyered" that would be awesome haha

  4. Hmm, I'm not creative, either (hence my title, Life with Laura). I think somehow make up and tv should make it, as those seem to be favorite topics of yours. You could use a play on make up like Katie Makin' Up...something about law or God or tv. I'm afraid I'm not much help. Feel free to take me out of the gift card running, because I've got nothing. Just posting a message to let you know I thought of it and good luck. But, I do like your current title - it's nice!

    Or, if you want to keep words by Katie you can just add a subtitle, like Words by Katie: Living a life full of God, law, make up and tv. Something like that - but then you have the Joshua verse as a subtitle already...oh, dear. I like Legally Glam, though. That is Ms. Attitude's suggestion!

  5. I really like Words by Katie. It's simple, to the point, and it can cover any topic you want to discuss on any given day!

  6. A) You don't love sports. We've been over this.

    2) I do like your current name!

    D)How about "The Law and Short of it"


    I like your current name or Katies law.

    Even better...how about something like "life after the proposal" cough cough Donny cough cough

  8. Hmm... it's so hard because I can't think of one topic that you "mostly" blog about...and good blog names are SO hard to think of... but I'll try...

    "Lipstick & Litigation"

    "Lay the Foundation" (like... a play on laying foundation for evidence and also makeup foundation... and you could even take it to mean Christ as a "strong foundation")... haha, I'm starting to stretch here!

    Good luck picking a name!

  9. I didnt read to see if others already posted these but my ideas are:

    "Katie Lately"

    "Life and Law of Katie"

    "Life, Loves and Law of Katie"

  10. I saw "The Law and Short of It" up above and I lost it. That's a GREAT blog name!

    My ideas were terrible--
    Keeping Up with Katie
    K-k-k-katie (which I'm sure you already hate!)

    Good luck with the change! :)

  11. "You Can't Makeup The Law."

    ^ that's bad. Very badddd. I'm sorry! LOL

    I loved "The Law And Short Of It"


  12. OMG Donny's comment cracked me up. I love the he quoted Home Alone by doing the A, 2 and D bit. ;) I like his idea too.

    I'd love to help, but someone came up with mine for me because it was "A Day in the Life of Amber" before. I'm obviously on the same creativity level as you are! xoxo

  13. What great ideas! My favorites so far:
    Donny's "The Law and Short of It"
    Katie's "Lipstick & Litigation"

  14. You and Donny are long distance, right? I keep coming back to Long Distance Loving, but I want to work the lawyer part in there somewhere...

    Or Legally Brunette?