Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Beauty Faves.

In 2011, I tried a lot of new beauty products.  A LOT.  Some were okay, some were total duds, but these were simply amazing and are now staples in my routine--

MUFE HD Foundation-- I have no idea why I resisted buying this for so long.  Oh yes I do-- the $40 price tag.  But, after spending months trying to find a foundation formula that I could commit to and failing, I got a sample from Sephora.  It was love at first brush-stroke.  I can't tell you how difficult it is for me to find a foundation that is the right shade with my super fair skin, and this in 117 is PERFECTION.  It really does look flawless on camera, as it claims, but also looks great in person.  My HG foundation search is over!

NARS blush in Orgasm-- Another product I waited to buy for far too long.  I was more than happy with my Benefit Bella Bamba throughout the spring and summer.  But once fall and winter got here, I wanted something a little less pink.  And the Sephora F&F sale came along about that time, so I broke down and bought this.  And I love it.  It really IS the perfect blush shade.
NAKED Palette-- When I was finally able to locate the Naked Palette, I was beyond excited.  But, I had not anticipated that I would use it almost exclusively for the rest of the year.  But I did.  I haven't used used other eyeshadows more than a handful times since the Naked Palette made its way into my world.  I absolutely love it.

Lancome Artliner in Noir-- I tried this after a recommendation from a friend, and it is the easiest liquid liner I've ever used (and I've tried A LOT).  It is pretty fine, although not as fine as the MAC Penultimate, but it goes on so, so smoothly.  No skipping, no tugging.  It is the perfect liquid liner.  And it has lasted for months-- totally worth the money.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil-- There's a long and winding story that got me to buy this, but wow am I glad I found it.  I've never found any product that removes makeup as well-- face, eyes (yes, even waterproof), lips, you name it.  I know some people swear by olive oil, but it left a really heavy film on my face even after cleansing.  This is heaven-- two pumps, rub it on your face, rinse, and the makeup is gone.  (I still do follow up with my Cetaphil cleanser too.)  LOVE.

Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush-- I bought the Sigma face brush set right after Christmas, so I haven't had too much time to play with all the brushes.  But I have become slightly addicted to this brush.  It is advertised to "generate an airbrushed finish when used to apply liquid foundation."  And it lived up to its billing.  This brush with my MUFE HD Foundation really does create a beautiful flawless finish.

And on the other end of the spectrum, these two were my biggest beauty disappointments of 2011.

Benefit They're Real Mascara-- I love Benefit products, and I was so excited after reading all the promos and reviews of this mascara.  But it was so clumpy for me even after the first coat, and absolutely refused to hold a curl.  I tried it more than once and hated it every time.  So, back to Sephora it went.

MUFE Microperfecting Primer-- Sometimes I decide to stray from formulas that work and try new things.  Every now and then, that will work out well for me.  But more often than not, I realize why I love what I had.  This is the case with the MUFE primer.  I have used Smashbox for a while now, thought I'd try MUFE and was incredibly disappointed.  It dried my face out terribly and looked horrible.  I'm sticking with my Smashbox.

What were your best and worst products of 2011?


  1. I need to give the MUFE foundation a try!

  2. I LOVE Nars orgasm blush. It really is worth every penny.

  3. I have been wanting to try the MUFE foundation & Nars orgasm blush for the longest time ... 2012 may be the year for me to do it! LOL :)

  4. I just got the naked palette for Christmas and I am obsessed! It is amazing!

  5. Nars has the best blushes and they last forever! MUFE foundation is heavenly! Have you tried Lorac's primers?

  6. Liquid eyeliner scares me!! I've had such bad experiences with them!!


  7. I love everything that MUFE makes! I just wish it wasn't so expensive...but totally worth it.

  8. I want the Naked Palette so so so SOOOOO bad. Maybe I should put that Christmas money to good use? I think so!