Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fires, Horses, and Tears.

I haven't posted a Bachelor recap since the first night.  But, I'm breaking my silence today.  It seems like every season, I think they could not find crazier women.  And then the next season, they outdo themselves. Also, the dates don't seem to be all that spectacular anymore.  Maybe it's just me and the fact that I'm not an outdoorsy girl, but hanging out in Park City, Utah doesn't seem exciting.

Rachel's One-on-One
It's obviously not that exciting to Rachel either because on her one-on-one date, she and Ben have zero to talk about.  The best they can do is, "this is nice!" as a bajillion bugs swarm around them in a frenzy.  At dinner, Ben's trying to have a conversation with her about their relationship, and her response is, "wow this fire is hot."  Um, way to show you're interested.  Whatever-- she tells him she has a hard time opening up, so she gets the rose.  I don't hate her, but she's not at the top of my list.

Group Date
Ben arrives on a horse.  My first thoughts were: "Oh no.... horses.  Horses and fly fishing.  Worst. Date. Ever."  As it turns out... I was right.

"Catching a fish probably isn't that much harder than catching a man.  I've done that before."  Oh, Courtney.  Anyone else think she sounds like a stalker in one of those movies right before she goes absolutely crazy and massacres everyone?  Of course she catches the only fish.

"Mustard's my favorite condiment."  Oh Ben, you smooth talker.  I'm starting to rethink my position.  Maybe it isn't the women that are horrible-- maybe it's Ben.

Samantha-- "I have such crazy feelings for this guy that I feel like I should already have a ring on my finger!"  Um, what??  You've been on three group dates, and you feel ready to marry this guy??  No.  (Sidenote-- I don't even know who this girl is-- I swear I've never seen her before.)  Turns out not to matter-- Ben kicks her to the curb after she whines about only getting group dates.

Ben kisses Kacie to reassure her of his feelings, but Courtney successfully manipulates the rose out of him much to the chagrin of EVERYONE.

Jennifer's One-on-One
Jennifer's date is ridiculous.  They fall into a hole and listen to some country music.  Honestly, I lost interest, so there's no more details for this one.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony
The cocktail party becomes the Emily vs. Courtney party.  Emily makes the normally-fatal mistake of telling the Bachelor about the mean girl in the house.  Has she never seen this show??  It's never good for the girl who feels the need to spill the beans, but she squeaked by this week.  There's a lot more staged drama between Courtney and Emily, and Emily cries a lot.  Fast forward...

Girls who already have roses:  Courtney, Jennifer, and Stacy
Girls who get roses:  Lindze, Jamie, Nicki, Kacie, Elyse, Blakely, Casey, Emily
The one leaving-- Monica

Next time on The Bachelor-- we hit Vieques, Puerto Rico!  Courtney feels the need to tell everyone she was  there two months ago.  I wonder if she stripped to get a man's attention that time too...


  1. Aaron Spelling couldn't write material like this!!


  2. Ha ha. Great recap!

    I don't normally watch this show but my roommate forced me to watch it with her last night. It was pretty entertaining. Courtney cracked me up!

  3. Love this!! I was surprised he gave rachel a rose after that AWKWARD date. gosh, it made me cringe!

  4. These women are driving me bonkers. The only ones I really like are Kacie and Lindzi. Courtney is so awful that it's almost painful to watch. I do not understand why Ben is so crazy about her! She's so manipulative!

    Also, when Ben rode that horse across the river, I almost died laughing. He was flopping around and his weird hair was all long and frizzy and one of the girls said - "it was like he was prince charming!" WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE LADIES!?!?!?

  5. I'm wondering the same thing about Courtney...

  6. I hate Courtney! I like Kacie! She is a cutie and seems very sweet. The dates are boring and stupid (who would agree to ski in a bikini?) Ben is dull. Oh and as for next week w/ the naked swimming. . . wow! I shouldn't be surprised seems Courtney will do anything to win! I think she is doing it all for her career and has nothing to do w/ feelings for Ben. Ugh! WHY do I get so fired up about this show. Wish we lived closer so we could watch together!