Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Peek Inside My iPhone.

A couple weeks ago, I got bored one day.  So, I did what any girl who is addicted to her phone would do-- I set out to organize it.  I deleted a ton of apps that I never use anymore (not to mention hundreds of songs and almost 1000 photos).  Then, I rearranged all the apps on my phone.  Oh, the exciting life I lead...  But, I actually love the way I have it now.

Page One-- iPhone basics.  
ps-- Am I the only one who compulsively has to clear those little red dots away?

Page Two-- These are the apps that I use most frequently 
Most of these are self-explanatory, but some of my faves include:
1. Pinterest-- I love this app, but really wish they would work out some of the bugs.  It's always a crapshoot whether or not it's going to work.
2. Words With Friends-- Most addictive game ever.
3. G-Whizz-- all my google apps in one place, including my reader.
4. Starbucks-- Great app to find new beverages or reload my Starbucks card, etc.
5. Countdown-- Yes, I have a countdown to my next trip to Texas.  :)

Page Three-- Everything else in their nice little folders!

1. Reference-- Where I go to get information (duh).

2. Finance-- I love mobile banking!  Most banks now have an app so you can check your account, pay bills, set up spending alerts, etc. all on the go.  

3. Entertainment-- Movies, TV episodes, and music all in the palm of your hand.

4. Sports-- Of course I have sports apps.  The MLB At Bat is probably the best of all of them, but it's not here since it's not baseball season.  

5. Shopping-- The Groupon app is the only one that I've actually used to purchase anything via my iPhone.  But I've used the coupons on the Michael's app and I browse Sephora regularly.

Any apps that I need to add??


  1. Oooh! So organized :-D And I have GOT to get the Michael's app! Does the Blogger app do much? Have you heard of Cuptakes? They have super cute backgrounds and screensavers. Color Sudoku is my faaaave game to play on my iPhone.

  2. Your iPhone looks amazing all sorted out and such! I love your background too. Where did you get it?

  3. I cannot stand the red badges!!

  4. How funny- I just did an "iPhone app cleaning" this past weekend! I deleted a bunch of apps and songs. I move pictures from my phone to my laptop on a semi-regular basis!!


  5. Oooh I need to get the Michale's app. I never have my paper coupon when I need it! Thanks!

  6. Ok I might think you are a bit of a dork for "organizing" your phone but to be honest I've probably done the same thing just not to the same extreme! Haha! I'm curious about the g-whizz app? Do you have the free one or the one that is 2.99? How does the reader work on it? Able to read all your blogs? Also what is the "blogger" app you have?

    In terms of any others you need. . .I'd say the following:
    Find my iPhone (very important especially if you are like me and have lost it)
    Tip Star (I like it for when I'm w/ groups)
    One Tap Dial (you can have an "app" on your phone that is the pic of the person and it will call them - good for a couple people you talk to a lot)
    WhatsApp (Free texting if you know anyone w/ an iPhone in another country)

    Those are some of my faves that I don't think you mentioned! iPhone's ROCK! Can't wait to get an iPad!!!

    P.S. I hate the red pop up box too!
    P.P.S I have a countdown to many things - vacations, my bday, MS Walk, etc. Love it!

  7. Organizing all the apps is definitely something I'd do! No shame!

    Oh, and I'm loving the UNC app that you have!

  8. I organize mine kinda similar, but I think it's so important to have it organized, makes so much more sense than just a jumble of apps!!

  9. What?! Michael's has an app?! I'm going download right now!

  10. I loved this post. Gave me lots of ideas for new apps and how to organize my ipod and ipad. thanks! new follower :)