Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to My New Place!!

Y'all, I am BEYOND excited for the design that the incredibly talented and sweet Jenn at Munchkinland Designs did for me.  Seriously-- if you're ever in the market, she's great.

Not only is the design entirely new, but it's no longer Words by Katie, but

Life, Love, and Pursuits of Katie

There's also some new and improved features here at LLPK, so let me show you a few of my faves...

1. I finally have a place to list all my fave blogs!  It's not anywhere near complete yet, so if you see your blog not listed, don't panic.  It's a work in progress right now.

2.  I finally have a button!  
(Rachel, you can now use this one instead of your homemade version!)

3.  An all new "About Me" page

4.  A "Currently Reading" section will soon be forthcoming as well!   

I'm stoked about the changes around here, and am confident that it will help me keep my goal to blog more this year.  :)

ps-- Yay for Bachelor tweeting tonight!!  Join us!  :)


  1. OMG! Girl! It looks gorgeous around here! I love the new name! I love the colors! Jenn did another amazing job!!!:)

  2. I love the new look! I always had to refresh your old design too to load up the background behind the type so I could read it, and this one loaded right up! The colors are great.

    Also, how did I not know you were on Twitter? I'm following you now and am looking forward to your Bachelor commentary. Looks like we've got some drama headed our way this season! Just what I like! hahaha.

  3. LOVE the new name and look! Perfect for you :-) So cute!!

  4. Loving it! Looks great...I know you're super excited about a fresh start for the New Year :) Can't wait to see what's in store for 2012!

  5. LOVE the new name and design!! Looks wonderful!

  6. I love your new look and name! Fabulous!

  7. Love the new look and the new name! So cute!

  8. I love the look and new title!! I bet some really awesome person helped you pick it out.


  9. It looks great! I'm excited for you and your new look.

  10. I love your new look and the new name :).