Monday, February 27, 2012

Dallas Recap: iPhone Edition.

With all of the excitement from my last trip to Dallas, I forgot to post about the rest of my trip! So, I'm going to recap it in iPhone pictures.

Before & After: 

My yummy Taco Cabana breakfast on Friday-- I love that place and go every time I'm in Dallas.

I went to the Mary Kay headquarters to visit Rachel, and she gave me a tour!  Her office is somewhere up there...

There she is!

Inside Mary Kay's shrine office

The bee has some significance, but I don't remember what it is...

A pink hard hat.

The boardroom is gorgeous!

They were tearing up the parking lot at Donny's apartment, and it woke me up LONG before I was ready.

I asked Donny if he could tell a girl had taken over was staying at his place...

Saturday, I dropped Donny off at school and hung out in downtown Fort Worth, a place I absolutely love. I started out at Starbucks-- aka, the only place downtown open that early in the morning. I was super excited to find out that the pumpkin spice frappuccino was still available!!

This dude was in the store addressing his Hello Kitty valentines to mail.  Yep.

Can you tell I'm in Cowtown??

Lyn seriously needs this hat!

I almost bought this...

I didn't take many other pictures that weekend, but we had Friday night dinner with his dad and stepmom, lunch with some of my awesome friends in Dallas, Sunday night dinner with his lovely mother, sister, and step-family.  And we did a lot of wedding planning.  

All in all, another great weekend in Dallas with my love.  :)


  1. What a fun trip! I love Dallas. I am a MK consultant and the bee represents Mary Kay's saying "You Can Do It". According to the law of aerodymnamics, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly because the body is so big and the wings are so small. But, no one ever told the bee he couldn't fly, so he does.

  2. Sounds like a cool trip! I saw the Mary Kay building when we were in Dallas last summer and I was really curious about how it looked inside - thanks for making me feel like a VIP :)

  3. WOW...I'm kinda jealous you went to the MK headquarters....I sell MK and would love to go there!! So cool! Hahaha, Hello Kitty Valentines...hilarious :)

  4. I love all of these pictures. And the Mary Kay headquarters, wow. To the man with the valentine's? Good man. Nothing wrong with that!!

  5. Dallas looks like such a fun time. Your finger is so sparkly in the "After" picture. ; )

    The MK headquarters is beautiful!

  6. Great pictures! I wish I had more time to spend in Dallas when I was there. Love the "After" picture :D So happy for you!

  7. Can I just say I think it's hilarious you are that obsessed with Taco C (that's what us Texans call it). To me, that is late night drunk food but it's the best. It kind of has that reputation but I can eat the hell out of those breakfast tacos. You are so cute. Looks like a fun getaway. Love the before and after shot!