Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Roses and Tears.

I know I've talked about how annoying The Bachelor is this season, but I can't help watching!  I always find the hometown dates one of my favorite episodes too.  It's interesting to see how different the girls are (or aren't) around their families and without the other women around.  

Lindzi-- Lindzi comes to meet Ben on horseback (again).  She "opens up to him," and they have a nice chat.  Then they head to meet her family and fur-siblings in a horse-drawn carriage.  To everyone's surprise (except probably The Bachelor producers), it is revealed that Lindzi's parents got married where she and Ben had their first date.  (Um, how did Lindzi not know where her parents got married??)  Then, Lindzi's dad challenges Ben and Lindzi to a carriage race.  (Who has horse-drawn carriages and a race course in their backyard??)  The "old people" win, so Ben and Lindzi have to physically pull them back to the house for dinner.

Mom likes Ben but is worried about heartbreak.  Duh.  Ben seems to really like her family, and they like him.  All went well with no hiccups.  But also, nothing super exciting.  However, Ben thinks he might be falling in love with her.

She gets a rose.

Kacie-- Next stop, Clarksville, Tennessee.  Ben meets arrives at Buster Boguskie Field to a marching band (and I use that term very loosely) and Kacie twirling her baton.  He says he likes her excitement and enthusiasm-- and she definitely has that in spades.  She tells Ben about her grandparents and the wonderful relationship they had that she wants too.  Then she says the words that every potential suitor wants to hear-- "My dad's a federal probation officer."  Ben hears: "He has guns and knows how to use them."  Also, her dad doesn't drink.  Our poor winemaker is starting to get nervous about meeting his polar opposite in Kacie's dad.  And, he should be.

I love how mom has the dinner table set with no chairs on one side so that no one has their back to the camera.  Nicely done, bachelor producers mom.  Kacie tells her sister that Ben is her future husband.  Kacie seems so immature and ridiculous in this episode.  Her parents aren't easy on Ben, but I don't blame them a bit.  However, her mom telling Ben that they wouldn't be okay with Kacie living with him before they get married seems to be jumping the gun a little.

Dad says he wouldn't give his blessing if asked, and Kacie gets upset.  Neither one of them need to worry-- he's not going to pick her.

Nicki-- I totally forgot she was from Texas!  She meets Ben at the Fort Worth Stockyards (which is where Donny and I met, btw...).  Ben absolutely CANNOT pull off a cowboy hat.  But he obviously wore it for a while given his horrible case of hat hair for the rest of the date.  Nicki has been married before, and she doesn't want to get hurt again.  I sense a theme in this episode...

They head to meet her mom, dad, and brother.  Mom apparently drank the kool-aid and is totally on board with Ben & Nicki's relationship.  Dad, however, thinks he "gave her hand in marriage" too soon last time, blaming himself for her divorce, and he doesn't want to do that again.  But, ultimately he gets on board with Ben.  Even her brother likes him.  Nicki pulls Ben aside to tell him that she's in love with him.  And they awkwardly make out some more.

She gets a rose.

Courtney-- Our last stop is Courtney's hometown.  Unlike the others, they go directly to her family's place.  And of course, it's all about Courtney-- SHE's been let down by men, SHE's had her heart broken, Ben won't hurt HER, Ben makes HER feel special... Courtney tells her family that she's "falling for him" more than once.  The perfect guy, according to her mom, is someone who can make Courtney happy.  Wow-- what priorities.  Her family is pretty much on board with Ben with no reservations.

Then Courtney takes Ben to a fake wedding she has apparently set up.  She had rings, a bow tie for him, and they recite vows to each other.  She tells him she loves him, and he's happy.

She gets a rose too.

Bye bye, Kacie B.  After seeing her hometown date, I'm not surprised AT ALL that she's gone.  I liked her until this episode, but I'm not too sad to see her go.

Next week-- the sex overnight dates in Switzerland!  And some drama, of course.

Thoughts?  Complaints?  No spoilers, please!!  :)


  1. They showed the clip of them in Fort Worth on the news this morning. He did look dumb in the hat!!


  2. Like I said after the skinny dipping episode, Ben and Coutney deserve each other. Who couldn't see Kaci B's inevitable fate after the hometown visit? Honestly, I don't see why any of them want to be with Ben...except Courtney.

  3. I hate how the girls always run to the Bachelor and jump on him. Who does that in real life? Is that how you greet Donny in the airport? (wait don't answer that)! Anyways I feel bad for Kacie. She fell hard. Ben has the worst hair ever. Can't the hair people help the man out!!!!!!

  4. Oh man, poor Kacie was totally blindsided, but then she seriously looked ridiculous in the back of that limo. I wonder if it will be harder for her to find a boyfriend in real life now? (I guess I could ask that question about any of these women though). She definitely looked a little crazy!

    Courtney is so manipulative it's almost amazing. She has Ben wrapped around her pinky so tight! It's been so obvious for a few weeks now that Ben is smitten with her, but I can't see it lasting long between them.