Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts.

The Bachelor is starting to become uninteresting for me.  Courtney is annoying, Ben is lame, and the other girls are simply too whiny.  Of all of them, I like Kacie B. the best, but kind of only by default.  Talking with a lot of you on twitter, I realize that I'm not the only one who isn't enjoying this season.

My thoughts are almost completely consumed by wedding planning now.  I wish I could turn it off, but I have no idea how.  I had the Carolina basketball game on last night while I was online looking at stuff, and it took more than ten minutes for me to realize the game had ended!!  Is "wedding brain" a thing (kind of like "pregnancy brain")??

Speaking of wedding planning, I bought my Erin Condren wedding planner today!  This is the one I got:
Can't wait for it to get here!!  :)

I've taken over the domestic practice my firm. (It's a fairly limited practice-- separation agreements, pre-nups, uncontested and childless divorces, name changes, and adoptions are about it.  I refuse to get involved in stupid fights over dishes and Hummels, not to mention nasty custody battles.)  And since the beginning of the year, we have gotten at least four new divorce clients a week.  A WEEK!!  Granted, this is good for me-- It's easy work and a good fee. But it makes me sad that this many people are getting divorced!  The worst so far is one couple who was married over 40 years when the husband moved out.  I don't know how much longer I really want to be involved in this...

My DVR has exploded-- I'm at least two weeks behind on every show that I watch (except the Bachelor, of course).  I'm thinking this weekend will be a great time to unwind at home and spend some quality time just me, the couch, and the DVR.  I haven't had a day to myself in a while, so I am very much looking forward to this!!


  1. I'm over the Bachelor too. AND I read the spoilers last week... and it made me so mad. Idk if I can take anymore of his boring self OR Courtney's fake and annoying personality.

    Love Erin Condren!!! Those wedding planners look amazing!

  2. The Bachelor sucks this season. Not sure Emily will be any better. That is cool that you will be handling adoptions. I was an adoption social worker for 5 years and loved it!!

  3. I can't wait for Emily to be on the Bachelorette! I totally felt the same when I was wedding planning--but it's such a fun time in your life! I say soak it all in and drive your friends and family crazy now while you're in such a happy daze. :)

  4. Wedding brain is totally a thing! Doesn't get better until after the big day either. Embrace it. :)

  5. I would have to agree with your view of the Bachelor. I'm sick of Ben having Courtney stay around and I'm sick of seeing Courtney play him just to be seen more. Unfortunately though I will continue to watch it...and the bachelorette when it returns. Guess I'm addicted!

    As for you having "wedding brain" of course there is such a thing. You need to majorly enjoy it though because people only have this special day once (well usually) and it needs to be the best day of your life :)

  6. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of this season of Bachelor either... Between Courtney is awful and if Ben can't see it then he's even more of an idiot than I thought.

    LOVE the planner!!! I'm sure it'll be super handy (and cute!). And yeah, I'm sure "wedding brain" is a thing. I remember being completely consumed with wedding planning while we were engaged. I spent many hours searching and google for wedding ideas. You know, BEFORE Pinterest. ;-) I would've LOVED to have Pinterest when I planned our wedding!

  7. From what I've seen on Twitter- I've heard this season of The Bachelor isn't that good.

    You've had wedding brain for the past few weeks (hehehe). ;) If you need any help, let me know (even though I'm in Texas, but hey, I'll do what I can!) :)

    FYI, I love the nail polish you let me borrow, where did you get it? I'm gonna have to buy me some (so I don't use anymore of yours). :)

    Happy weekend!!

  8. Have you checked out There is tons of wedding planning stuff on their (obviously) and a great forums section!

  9. Ugh, The Bachelor. I want to say something about it, but once I'd get going, I'm not sure I'd ever stop. Bottom line: can't stand Ben and I do NOT understand how all these women are "in love" with him. Ready for Emily!

    You know I'm so jealous of you in your little domestic relations realm. If your firm is hiring when I graduate in 2013, you know I'm coming down to interview!!! : )

  10. I couldn't even get into the Bachelor this season. Ben is just so boring.

  11. The Bachelor is definitely not thrilling me this season. It's like the "Ben and Courtney" show and they are both annoying as heck. I'm so ready for The Bachelorette! I think the first thing I will do whenever I get engaged will be to purchase the Erin Condren wedding planner. It looks so awesome! I love relaxing on the weekends and catching up on some shows that I have on the DVR. I'm a couple of weeks behind too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. The bachelor has been awful. I never liked Ben, even last season. Courtney... There are just no words for her. At least none I should post here. I can't even watch it live because when she comes on I just want to fastfoward.