Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wanna See a Trainwreck?

Last night's encounter between Ben and Jamie is one of the most painful things I've ever watched on television. If you didn't watch last night, basically the scenario is that this girl (Jamie) is trying to force herself to be aggressive with Ben.  She hasn't kissed him yet (I think she was the only one who hadn't, but that could be incorrect) and obviously wanted to.

During the group date, she was attempting to work up the courage to kiss him but just couldn't do it.  So, at the cocktail party later in the week, she decides that she's just going to go for it.  But in the most awkward way imaginable...

Y'all, I was going to re-watch it and post the dialogue.  But I just can't see it again-- it's too much!  

Here's a tip:  DO NOT give step-by-step instructions on how to make out before you do it (or really ever).  It will not end well...


  1. that was SO ridiculous. poor girl.

  2. I like Kacie B but her laugh is SO very annoying! Courtney - yuck! And this girl and this situation. . .ugh!

  3. I feel very sorry for Jamie and in the end she went home but still.

  4. Jamie's overly analytical, overly conversational approach to romance even before this very sad moment.


  5. Oh. My. Word. That was so incredibly awful. It's no wonder he sent the poor girl home!!!

  6. SO SO PAINFUL. Man, I feel for her because you know she watched that episode last night and wanted to crawl in a hole...

    I must say, though...Ben looks like the worst kisser in America no matter which girl he kisses.

  7. Oh good gracious. I'm not even watching this season but these girls are just c-r-a-z-y!!