Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday, Vol. II.

We have officially picked our bridal party! Donny hasn't gotten to ask all of his groomsmen yet, but all of my bridesmaids are confirmed!

Maid of Honor

My best friend, Emily 


My friend, April

Our friend, Rachel

Donny's sister, Kristi

And, what I have come to realize after asking all these ladies to stand beside me is that, with the exception of April, they will not just stand beside me. They will tower over me. They're all super tall!! Thank goodness April will be there to balance me out. :)

Emily and I went to shop for bridesmaid dresses this weekend, and I've found three that I like:

Alfred Angelo

David's Bridal

Vera Wang for David's Bridal

They're all reasonably priced and can be tried on and picked up in both NC and in Texas, which was critical to me. I didn't want Rachel and Kristi to have to send in their measurements and order a dress without being able to try it on. So, all of these fit that bill.

I have a distinct favorite, but I'll keep my opinion to myself for now. Which one I pick will also depend somewhat on the dress I pick for myself. More on that later, though...   :)


  1. Oh I love all 3 dresses so not sure about a clear fave. Would depend on how they look on your tall friends!! ;)
    Very exciting that Rachel would be in your wedding (I guess you have a lot to thank her for since you wouldn't have met Donny otherwise)!!!

  2. Exciting! I have been waiting for some wedding news to pop up on here. I love the one-shoulder aspect of the first one, but I love that the second is kind of flowy and not so clingy. They're all great though!

  3. Congrats! That's so exciting! I love all three of the dresses you're looking at, though I think the 2nd one is my fave!

  4. I like the Alfred Angelo top one the best. I went with David's as well because my MOH was in Colorado and it was easiest for her to work with them there. I had a few bridesmaids complain about that choice but put my foot down because it was my decision. I can't complain too much! I love the color too, if that's what you're going with :)

  5. Oh, how exciting! It's going to be so beautiful. :) I love all three dresses, but my personal favorite is the Vera Wang at the bottom. And I think the chapel you've chosen as the ceremony location will be absolutely stunning. :)

  6. HA HA!! I love that you used my "Angel wings" picture. hehehe...

    I'm so honored to be a bridesmaid...


  7. AH, this is so exciting! I love that Rachel is one of the bridesmaids- so perfect. Those dresses are BEAUTIFUL