Friday, March 2, 2012

February Review and New March Goals.

Here were my goals for February:
Read two books-- Success!  Reviews here.
Cook in my crock pot at least once-- Fail.  
Do something I've never done before-- Success!
Go to orchestra rehearsal three out of five weeks-- Fail.  I went twice.
Blog at least 16 times-- I blogged 15, so that's close. 

Buy no more than five meals per week-- I did really well on this early in the month.  Then I went to Dallas, and all hell broke loose...
Spend no more than $50 on beauty products-- Success!  I actually spent $0 on beauty products, which hasn't happened in a LOOOOONG time.
Save an additional $300 above my normal saving-- Well, this got spent on wedding items, which was the reason I wanted to save it.  So, not technically a success, but not an abject failure either.

Work out at least 4x a week-- There was one week where I only got two, but the other three weeks were a Success!
Try at least one new workout/class-- Success
Lose 5 lbs-- Success!  I actually lost 5.2 lbs.  :)

I actually did pretty well!  I REALLY need to rein my eating out though.  So, that's where I'm gonna focus my discipline this month.

My goals for March are basically the same with a few tweaks.

Read two books
Cook in my crock pot
Do something I've never done before
Go to orchestra rehearsal three out of four weeks
Blog at least 16 times

Buy no more than five meals per week
Spend no more than $50 on beauty products
Spend $250 less than I spent in February

Work out at least 4x a week
Try at least one new workout/class
Lose 5 more lbs


  1. congrats on the engagement!! and losing the 5 lbs. you had a seriously great month!

  2. Katie, you have inspired me! Congratulations on meeting your goals and good luck with your new ones. I am off to make my own goals.

  3. Great work! I'm in an orchestra too and sometimes it's hard to push myself to go to rehearsals. I didn't go last night. ;-)

  4. You aren't using your crockpot?! Are you crazy? Love that thing! :)

    Good job on the weight loss girl, I need to jump back on that!

  5. Way to go on your successes!!!!

  6. Nice work! It is SO hard to not eat out when traveling, am I right??? I try and set the same goals, but Nashville kind of messed that up for me!

  7. I was on a business/roadtrip with my dad when I read that you were engaged and I yelled. And then had to explain to my dad why I was so gosh dang excited someone I have never met is engaged.

    He didn't get it. HA.

    You did so well with your goals- you rock! Are you still doing hot yoga? I bet that helped with the weight loss and you are gaining muscle, too so I bet you lost more than it shows! yay!

  8. Great goals! I have a ton of easy recipes on my blog. A few are for the crock pot, including a super easy pot roast recipe. Great Sunday night dinner idea!

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  10. This is such a great idea! Congrats on accomplishing your goals :) Mind I borrow the inspiration of this??

  11. your goals are great! And I'm impressed with how successful you were in Feb. I cooked in the crockpot three times last week and it was great. I'd forgotten how much I love it - super easy. Oh, and I cooked in it Tuesday, too. Coming home with food ready is amazing.