Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Over.

This season of The Bachelor has come to an end.

Ben has picked Courtney, much to everyone's dismay but no one's surprise.  

The finale wasn't very dramatic at all.  The only scene that stuck out with me was Courtney's visit with Ben's family.  It was almost scripted the way they "pre-judged" her then once they met her discovered how "delightful" she is and gave Ben their blessing about her.  Oh please.  

Then it was time for the "most dramatic" After the Final Rose ever.  Turns out that Ben basically dropped Courtney like a hot potato when he started watching the show.  And that was when I started my transition to Team Courtney.  

What Ben basically said was that he saw the behavior that Courtney had already apologized for and he didn't know if he could be with her.  After he promised to "love her forever."  I don't know or care if her apology to him a few weeks ago was sincere.  The point is that HE believed that it was.  And after all that, he still decided to walk away.  If he's that quick to pick up and run, I'd be terrified that at the first sign of REAL trouble, he'd do it again.  That's not a pattern I'd want to accept if I was Courtney.

I genuinely hope that they have a long, happy life together.  But, I guess time will tell.


  1. I totally agree! it's not like Ben had no idea there were some issues with her and if he decided to run out because of that? eek.

  2. Seriously. How many people warned him about her?! And he CHOSE to ignore everything that was said about her...and then accept her apology for "not trying harder" (ha). I was a little irritated that he dumped her like that, but at the same time... After all those warnings, what was he expecting?! That everyone else was completely lying about her? Come on, dude. I seriously doubt they'll make it. But I *was* pretty excited to see Ashley and JP last night! I'd much rather hear about them than "The Bachelor's most controversial couple ever."

  3. I'm with you. I wish them luck, since they are up against the world, and every deserves to be happy. I hope that Courtney learned her lesson and is humbled by this. Maybe this was the slap in the face reality check that she needed.
    Also, they didn't interview Lindzi at ALL, like they normally do at the After the Final Rose show. I wonder what happened there?

  4. Oh, my. We all knew he was going to pick Courtney, but I don't have much faith in their relationship. I can't believe Ben just dropped her in the middle of the season. I love how they finished the ATRC show with JP and Ashley, as almost a way to appease all the women who were disgusted by the Ben/Courtney pairing. JP is still as cute as ever!

  5. I don't have much faith that they are going to last awhile. Guess we'll see!!

  6. Thank God it is OVER!!!! They are both losers and deserve each other (well that is not very nice of me to say at all but I just can't help it)!!! Ha!